Chemtrail Research Network – NoFuture!!!

This vid will feature yet another time lapse of the AtomicBombClouds. How they appear out of nowhere. What the implications are. We better wake up. If you think that just because you know what is going on, that you are awake. You better rethink that because merely knowing isn’t going to protect you from these maniacs! You must get up to speed. READ…Lots! Figure out ways to trip up their weather radicalization program. Tell people in the sciences and chemistry departments what is going on. Show them videos. Show them proof! Make them understand!!! We will not be an effective counter force if we just watch vids and comment. We will not win this war with ammo. We will win this war if we think, and think good and hard, about how to destroy this awesome enemy . VLOG JULY22, DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY, STOP DENIAL OF FACTS[AERIEL SPRAY/CHEMTRAILS] Particles in the night sky Chemtrail Contrail Related?

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Research Network – NoFuture!!!

  1. visionfirst1970

    @BarbarianRebellion Hello Barbarian
    Wanted to let you know thatif you ever wanted to get some fantastic footage of time lapse man made clouds like what you have filmed. Come to the Pacific NW and spend a wekk watching the Mount Rainier area.. They fly missions out of McChord AFB regularly over toward the mt. You can see the same as you have filmed magnified by 20. It is incredible to watch. Thanks for the time and the vids

  2. edmontonskypoison

    Our governments are complicit criminals enabling and or doing these crimes.

    Write every politician, complain to police, phone 911 or whatever you can think of…

    Fight these scum!

  3. KarakulBrigand

    Watch this vid:
    STESSO AEREO, SCIE DIVERSE! same plane, different trails!

    Four trails two persist two do? not

  4. matsutakneatche

    great vids man, i like yr’ music too, really unique, nice melodies and yr’ voice sounds like a cross between yr’self, ozzie, dinosaur jr. and some early punk rock, excellent work man.

  5. SKeene1956

    Hey there dude! I say well done and thank you very much. We are all in this and it doesn’t matter where you live. I don’t think one can be safe even if you dug a hole under a mountain and pulled it over you. There would still be gaps. Will I go quietly; Err No I don’t think that is in me.

  6. Lightalight

    watched your vid again. do not mix up source and outcome of doings. they are not drying us out. without aerosol spraying – yes toxic – the humidity cannot be kept in the inner atmosphere and it would rain even less. as it is, we are f… royally because no rain means death, rain created by atmospheric interference means intoxication. THEY whoever dont have a better plan. rethink your position in society: big city, debt, no garden, water, food, near sea-level, rift areas: doomed the coming years

  7. Lightalight

    Thanks for answering my onslaught. IF you are not paid, I got mislead by the term of “atomic bomb clouds” because it has nothing to do with atomic bombs. I filtered out soapy and other substances from our rain/snow for over one year now and I know the skies being manipulated in europe. i understand it is not a weapon, but stupid technology believers think they can manipulate the worlds way. without manipulation we would have much less rain than we have. reason not man made but astrological.

  8. BarbarianRebellion

    Where did you get that idea? people can’t have an opinion without being some kind of an agent? I understand… With all the deception going around it is easy to jump to conclusions. But this one is a little off the wall! Getting paid? By whom? NASA??? That’s a good one

  9. Lightalight

    Sorry, did only now realize you are nasa-fake truth distorter. how weird can one get. get paid for everything i know. where is the heart, the humanity. why do you do that? keep people from truth you s-o-a-b.

  10. thetruthergirls

    Great footage of particulates. Those clouds over the river are really strange, the way they appear, turn into towers, and then collapse. I’d like to see a faster time lapse of that.Ithink it would be really freaky.

  11. Lightalight

    yes, the so-called spraying is real. i watch it in germany for one year now. why are they doing it. i think those scientific believers are afraid. it they would not spray, the dryness would be greater. it is no man-made climate change. it is due to astrological reasons. most do not believe that. why: would not Nasa and newspapers tell us? have a good laugh. people get to your senses.

  12. dbootsthediva

    The stuff makes specific patterns and formations of designs. Those patterns are a coordinate in his area. Within the pattern is a form of a source code.
    Their is also more than what meets the eye.
    Montreal that is silica. Here they pretend it is something that has to do with spiders
    and a certain time of the year But if you watch that silica it will form into specific patterns and shapes as well because of its nanoreagents magnetic properties.
    Great video

  13. luis1coelho

    matey3, i live in colwyn bay, north wales. people just don’t look up. people think these clouds and plain are just normal. nothing much we can do .
    most everyone is brainwashed and they don’t want to get out of theie confy/pleasant lives. even when they see something strange in the skies, they couldn’t care less…never mind, hei?


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