Chemtrail Research Network – The Muck is Canada Wide! No Place to Run – No Place to Hide

I was under the hopeful delusion that they were sparing the small towns across Canada. but after traveling to Medicine Hat Alberta, I see that the small towns are being attacked from every conceivable direction. They were spraying that place as much if not more than Montreal! On the only clear night of the whole time we there, under a velvet sky I could see very clearly, planes flying pretty low, delivering their mysterious muck. I could almost hear the nozzles hissing in the silent starry night. I witnessed a huge chembow around the moon which I will document in a later post.

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Research Network – The Muck is Canada Wide! No Place to Run – No Place to Hide

  1. g0sth4ck3d

    Dude, I got some pics from the summer of 1977 on a family trip in Sault St Marie Ontario/Michigan.

    Either this is all fake or this has been going on MUCH MUCH longer than we all expected or have been told.

  2. TheRobynhud

    its so hazey in europe now i can t see the mountains from ten km distance a few years ago i could…in australia theres always a dirty haze on the horison and flaming red sunsets frm the chemicals,makes you internally angry consistently,they dnt give a fuck.i was wathching fibres falling from the sky after heavy chemtrails the other day,like spiderwebs,freaked me out for a few days,but what can you do.thanks for your work.

  3. BarbarianRebellion

    @TheThorazineShuffle maybe if you had something intelligent to say I wouldn’t block you.. besides I didn’t post this video for a fucking debate! I have to look at these chemtrails everyday. I know what they are, but you are too stupid to see what’s right in front of your face. You want tro call blocking shillwhore trailor trash who talk shit, censorship? then go ahead. You think I care what you think?

  4. TheThorazineShuffle


    Censorship? You claim to be for truth…and yet censor people? Doesn’t that smack of hypocrisy?

    Why do you censor people? are you immune to reason? Unwilling to consider the fact you might be wrong in your speculation?

    Why am I not surprised?

  5. SR1419

    Here is some propaganda from the PTB- they use a bunch of techno-mumbo-jumbo and math to confuse…know thy enemy:

    “On the Transition of Contrails into Cirrus Clouds”

    B. Karcher et al

    Journal of the Atmospheric Science

    February 2000

    “Contrails to Cirrus- Morphology, Microphysics, and Radiative Properties”

    David Atlas

    Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology

    January 2006

  6. Larryonoff333

    fear, paranoia and ignorance (and drugs?)…not a good combination.

    OMG- clouds!!! in the sky!! heaven forbid there be if canada is known for its perfect cloud free days

    ever heard of “weather”??

    …a reflection?? off of clouds?? “looks like sun shining off of water” …gee…I wonder what clouds are made of…??


    Have you an ounce…er…gram…of education? Ever had physics?? Ever studied the science of the atmosphere before you spew your propaganda?

    just sayin…

  7. Strutingeagle

    I don’t know if they are poisoning us, calibrating Haarp, creating an ice age,or what, but the fact they have lied about it tells me it is something bad for us.

  8. barnardjr

    I think there are enough private citizens and Universites that have tried to investigate this. It is not limited to goverment resources. If this was true don’t you think this would have gone public by now. Through your observation you have come to a uncientific conclusion born of beliefs that are in your head.

  9. TheEnergyNippleZ

    sent this a mate on faRcebook Arron .. he mentioned ‘ mirror clouds ‘ so i thought i’d take him up on the jet with you guys … peace . . Rodge (3)

  10. TheDogVI

    This is fucking bullshit! I’m so sick of seeing these fucking trails. It would be a beautiful BLUE day today here where i’m at. I just seen three planes following the exact same path with an EXTRA long trials. I respect you barbarian. You make our ancestors proud.

  11. raybaybay2010

    I just have to ask were there any people on the plane with you? lol
    I see what your saying though, it’s revelations 666 the bowls that god*(s) poured on the earth. Illuminati but why the humanity why!?

  12. nicopetromac

    Does it empower you to put someone down? What comes out of you is what is inside of you. You can change it Scotty by empowering people and making them feel good about themselves. Stop hurting people with your comments because no one deserves abuse. Scotty I wish you a great weekend and I send blessings to you and your family.
    Start taking responsibility for your actions and show yourself how great you are.

  13. chemspotr

    hey i recognise you! well i think anyway, were you in a video where some girl was getting a truther makover or something like that,it was a really funny video. it sounds like here voice as well. crazy video too, iv never seen anything like this

  14. scottyb420

    Also quite clearly, your wife/spouse is just as retarded as you.

    News flash tards, the sun reflects off of the clouds because clouds are made of WATER 😉 , the ‘strange’ clouds that look like a ‘sheet’ are just that, clouds, ask any meteorologist, he too will tell you how fucktarded you are.

    I can tell you’re probably both too dull to get this, but if you were in that ‘haze’ you’re looking at and then looking back to where you were, it would look JUST AS HAZY.

    Just fucking retarded you are..

  15. scottyb420

    Yes, lets listen to some retarded burnout instead of taking a look at actual scientific evidence. Oh wait, there isn’t any. You conspiracy nuts need to find something else to harp on. There is more evidence to support the existence of fucking ghosts, yeti’s and fairy people than any of this bullshit.

    *Durrr I went on a plane and the sky was white but I’m too fucking stoned to realize what a cloud looks like…*

    If the NWO existed, you wouldn’t. Period.

  16. essy111

    Ive had enough of these chemtrails Im angry with a passion A one reason cos Im asthmaratic B I hate seeing the skies covered up all the time cos I love sunshine, theres one good reason to stop vitamin D getting to us! We need to start getting active spread more infomation out to people by hading out leaflets Dvds Megaphone marches and stop this NWO!


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