Chemtrail Scientists – Lunatics and Liars

For more infomation regarding Geo-engineering (Chemtrails) watch “Chemtrail History and Information” by Alan Watt here: Also Watch “What in the world are they spraying” here:

6 thoughts on “Chemtrail Scientists – Lunatics and Liars

  1. OzzyPatriot

    They said the same of ‘operation Popeye’, weather modification of the Vietnam era.

    When asked: If it didn’t work, why did you keep doing it?
    They (the US military industrial complex) said: Well. It only cost about $20,0000 (1960s, remember)
    So it was cheap, and we just kept doing it.

    We’re being positioned. It’s cheap (relatively). So they’ll just keep doing it.

  2. RockofEngland

    Another great video exposing these people at the top whose only purpose in life is to…. “Free ride on our Grankids” for their own benefits..

  3. lumpfish99

    @MrTakeBackAmerica it could be for a number of reasons….some say its to reflect solar radiation, some think its to heat the atmosphere to then blame global warming….some go as far to say that its to create a hi def sky onto which holographic projections either advertising or some mass psy op like the second coming ie. project bluebeam….tbh who knows….but whatever it is it cant be good for us to be breathing this sxxx!…….

  4. MrTakeBackAmerica

    By the time it makes it to one of these little conventions, it has already been in operation for 20 years, The real question is why on earth do we need the geoengineering, i would be aot more willing to accept their actions if they would just tell the truth, just let us know you fucked up the atmosphere and shit is about to go real bad, thats all we want assholes is just the truth, its really not that hard.


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