chemtrail skum-feathered explosion…..[27/5/2013,suffolk].

remnants of a mass pillow fight…..

25 thoughts on “chemtrail skum-feathered explosion…..[27/5/2013,suffolk].

  1. Scott Jones

    Oh ya them G.O.Pers r letting big bizness shit all over our world for a
    hand out for there pockets!!! N us reg. folks ant getting ny thing for our
    world tured to shit at least there getting rich n a world of shit!!! My
    eyes r open how abt urs???

  2. annasandra chellton

    we see this of course all the time in science fiction of the middle
    80’s john brunner the sheep look up…i think his novel dalgren inspired a
    lot of movies. .. . i see spiral beauty

  3. Maria D

    A kill shot is inevitable fix what’s broken not put crap into our fish bowl
    & hope for the best with thats the backwards thinking that got us into this
    mess already spend money on fixing it making things last longer not on
    bombs that will kill us all

  4. mark brown

    Right On Brother! We The People Of The Planet Earth Are Obligated To
    Protect, Preserve, Maintain, Balance, Harmony,….the tyrrannicalevilcabal
    only know
    wealth…total control over
    everylivingcreature.WeHaveThePowerWeWillPrevail&THEYareTerrified of that &

  5. Truth_Desperado82

    Google HR2977 and look at the space preservation bill from 2001in the
    library of congress. It PLAINLY cays chemtrails right there in the doc. So
    if they don’t exist them WHY is it in the library of congress???? So for
    you nonbelievers go educate yourself.

  6. jessie james

    Just about a daily occurrence in Australia,They are killing the planet !!!
    Look at all the bees dying,fish and birds,insects and some spices of fish
    are close to becoming extinct..Sounds like a plan when Bill Gates says we
    have to cut the population…

  7. rthrashable

    What I mean is, how can people in Germany, Ohio, California see the same
    thing when the sun sets and completely different times. If your trajectory
    to the sun set is different then cemtrail planes would have to cover a lot
    of sky. So where would these million of camtrail planes fly to cover each
    sun set for each location on the planet???

  8. rthrashable

    I was also theorizing that maybe the atmosphere is changing which causes
    affects to jet aircraft trails which gives more views the opportunity to
    see trails etc…..

  9. Frey ster

    Biocentric Ethics…..I too have been watching the skies or can remember
    the skies since 1970 till present and this is in no way normal. I have been
    talking to people about these changes for almost 8 years now as I have been
    telling people of this abnormal weather and changes, no regard or care. I
    am in an Environmental Ethic class this June semester and it is appalling
    the attitude and disregard the younger generation has for our Mother
    Earth….Just like Rodney Dangerfield…No Respect right?

  10. rthrashable

    what do you mean “signed off”?? It’s not that I don’t believe in cemtrails.
    But hiding the sun?? I ask because I have came across youtube videos that
    state they are hiding the sun so people can’t see Nibru, black star, Dwarf
    star, Meteors what ever… Cemtrailing for weather manipulation or hiding
    the sun or both?

  11. Bruce Wayne Anderson

    We are being primed to think that this is normal to see in OUR SKYS. They
    are not going to stop doing this because they think they are helping. By
    “they” I do mean OUR governments.


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