Chemtrail Smart Dust Observation

Here is an easy way for you to observe and point out Chemtrail Polymer Fibers to your friends and loved ones. This can be done outdoors with no special equipment required.

7 thoughts on “Chemtrail Smart Dust Observation

  1. MolecularSpirit

    @stars15k Your sources on chemtrail fibers? Or just general information you base your beliefs on?

    I suppose this is you thinking for yourself? How presumptuous of me..

    You think for whoever you want to, okay buddy?

  2. anjelreason

    Have seen this here in N. Cali but reconciled myself with the erratic movement of what I was seeing and concluded that it must be small bugs..

  3. fancoy

    Finally I find a video abut the polymer fibers! It’s been huge here in my city. At first I thought it was polen but it appeared after massive chemtrail spraying. floating and everywhere.
    You can see them clearly in the glasses of your windows and if you spray water they became jelly!
    They are like tiny white small hairs.

    Thank you for posting Michael.


  4. stars15k

    I’ve always preferred Popular Science between the two. It’s much more interesting. And Discover magazine, Fortean Times, Bizzare, and Nat Geo, that has nice pictures. Would you like a partial list of my sources?

  5. stars15k

    Also a good way to see if gnats are in your neighborhood. Sheeesh. Fibers fly around? You also really need to clean your lenses, you have quite a reflection going. It’s amazing you can see anything as small as a gnat. If they were fibers, you could catch them with a fine strainer or net. Try it. You’ll see bugs. What you show are definately too big to go unnoticed without a camera.


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