Chemtrail “snow”? (Vivitar) MPG_0075

I made this video with my Digital Camera “Vivitar MiniCam 5110, 5.0 Mega Pixels” on Friday, 25th of January 2012 (arround 10 am) after a Chemtrail spraying in Mexico City. It´s not dust, it´s also not snow. What is it? I took also pictures of it: (you can download them and zoom in) Thanks for watching.

6 thoughts on “Chemtrail “snow”? (Vivitar) MPG_0075

  1. lightsout9999

    The problem is that this fibers are so small and you can´t see them so easy with your eyes, but using the sunrays it helps a bit. What I´m doing now is closing the? windows when they spray at us in the morning and avoid to go outside. On my facebook wall I published other links of many whitnesses. This are morgellons. Join my live-stream-shows where I have some victims and professional researchers talking about this. This is not science-fiction anymore.

  2. willquietwalker

    How do you know it’s a “chem trail spray?” If you found this in the shower, did you also find it in other rooms of your apartment? Did you ask other residents in the apartment whether they too had the same thing? happening in their apartments? Did you go outside to see if you find the same thing in the open air where it had to have been released if it is the result of “chem trails?” What other info do you have to support your thesis that it’s pollution from “chem trails?”

  3. lightsout9999

    Thanks so much for writing. And yes, here they start spraying at us in the morning. Many people feel tired and have “flew”. They are getting sick for sure because of this. I´m at home most of the time and I also got sick. This is? not normal! Happy weekend to you too! :)

  4. truemaskedwabbit

    I don’t know either what that is. I know? Mexico is spraying against mosquitoes now and then, try and check if that is what it was. Have a wonderful weekend Hans.


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