Chemtrail Song – From ‘Their’ Point of View

There is a version with Spanish subtitles here/Canción sobre los Chemtrails desde el punto de vista de ”Ellos”: …

17 thoughts on “Chemtrail Song – From ‘Their’ Point of View

  1. Brisbane Chemtrails

    Important word there Rose….? TRUTH.
    Truth has become like rocking horse shit, rare as hens teeth.
    “Truth is the first casualty of war.”
    “Truth is search.
    Truth can only be found by stretching the limits of your horizon, by widening your way of thinking.” quote from Dr Carmelo Lombardo 2009

  2. 1844gina

    Wow that was awesome Jim Great Lyrics and the laugh made it soooo cruel and that is what humans on the planet are having to endure in these last days of earths history. Occult practices is everywhere nowadays. Thank you Thank? you for your video a real delight to listen to

  3. RSky08

    We will b having our second peaceful demonstration? in front of San Francisco city hall on 4/24/13 @ 11am…protesting the toxic aerosol operations/chemtrails/geoengineering…our first demo was a major success and can b viewed on webbery0 channel…any and everybody is encouraged and more than welcome to come…so please join us as we voice our concerns and help wake up the world…hope to see u there…god bless!!!

  4. WorldChemTrailAlert


    I added your film. Please check out our? channel and see the real time database we are collecting.

    If you see Chems in action or? the aftermath, please get 1-2 minutes of footage or a few pics, title them with Location, Date, and Time. Then post on the facebook page linked on our channel. Or share the footage with our channel.

    Please help us get the word out on this epidemic of collusion — Forrest

  5. rosepaigefly

    THAT IS LEGENDARY! I didn’t expect to laugh through it — you bloody beauty.

    An awesome effort from you guys, takes forever to come up with something like this and you had that out in two short days.

    Jim, Clare — love ya to bits. Thanks form the wider chemtrail? community for you commitment to spreading the TRUTH!


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