Chemtrail Spanking – Chemtrail Protester Spanked!

Natasha made a very bad mistake on the day of the big chemtrail protest. (After alll, chemtrails do produce memory loss). Chemtrails are very real and evil. …

20 thoughts on “Chemtrail Spanking – Chemtrail Protester Spanked!

  1. jlovebirch

    For those who don’t know, Dallas is one of the better, and best-known, producers of fetish erotica videos. It is both informative and amusing to see his skills used here for a genuine protest. Having? moved out of Calif years ago, was not aware of this issue.

  2. spankoisland

    If you are implying that we are part of the group that do not believe they are real, then you are quite mistaken. We spread the word? in whatever manner we can.

  3. mikefrmack

    Still so many sheeple that dont believe chem trails are real. A comedy about it only re-enforces? this lunacy , your industrial government IS trying to poison you all even the power tripping police, the air, the water , and the earth . Turn off what ever garbage your watching and wake up … before its too late.

  4. Jorge Garro

    Dallas Natasha is extremely hot!! I love her, Gonna subcribe to dallas spank hard again just to see? her spanking sesion. I miss Tiki, Kaily, Sam, Austin. But natasha gee man she takes the cake.


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