1. TrutherD1

    There are charts you can use to prove contrails should not be forming let alone persisting. For starters, it must be -35C for contrails to form. Check out my how-to vid here: watch?v=zsXfqHp7G-g

  2. beachcomber2008

    Modern methods of CONTRAIL ANALYSIS use LIDAR, METEOSAT, or GOES & appropriate signal analysis algorithms
    Google advanced search “paper aviation saturated atmosphere contrails” and find “Aircraft induced Contrail Cirrus over Europe” by H. Mannstein and

    U. Schumann (The words “chemtrails” “aerosols” MUST be excluded from the search)
    Or read the 153 papers written by Dr. P. Minnis of the NASA Langley Research Centre using the GOES satellite
    Enter the 21st century and zap this chemtrail crap

  3. edgeguy99

    “First they ignore you.
    Then they ridicule you.
    Then they fight you.
    Then you win.”
    Mahatma Gandhi
    Be prepared for an air born gas attack.
    The H1n1 is just a cover story.
    More people died last year from the regular flu.
    Have a lot of food in your house and store clean water.
    When the Bio Chemtrail attack hits, no one will be allowed to leave their homes without authorization so no food shopping.
    Do this now.

  4. theylive1984rm

    They do not need pilots all they need are grown Crews~! less i remind every one John F Kennedy Jr. died in a remote control B17 over Germany in 1947 Wake Up People its 2009

  5. tyIerz06

    Exactly there’s a huge difference. Contrails are skinny and disappear in a few seconds or sometimes a minute or two. Chemtrails expand and stay in the air for hours and usually create a hazy cloud. And about four years ago before I knew about chemtrails I was on a plane coming back from Utah and I saw a white plane in the distance decrease in altitude and started releasing smoke, stop releasing, and then start again. I was like wtf at the time and just thought that maybe all planes did that.

  6. muaythaiguy6969

    Its amazing how pissed the people get who are defending the “contrails” theory…. wake up and open your eyes. There is no exhaust in the world that sits in the air for hours! That exhaust forms ice crystals that fall to the ground. Ice does not stay suspended in the sky! Get a life people and free your slave minds…but you know what? Its people like you who keep me motivated to bring the truth!!!!

  7. dukemalibu

    Great video. Pause it at 2:18 and you will see 2 probes, lower left 1 frame and middle left you will see one moving around.

  8. studentdebts

    Excellent Video Production.Most Of The Military Spraying Is Done By Drones Or U.A.V(Un-Manned Ariel Vehicle)&Even Pilots Have a Need2Know Basis,They Follow Orders Not Knowing The True Purpose Of Their Missions,Would They Do It If They Knew Their activities Would Harm Their Family&Friends?That Could Be The Reason No Pilot Has Come 4Ward With This.Something2Poner On. Thanks4The Upload.5/5From Us Here.

  9. mlp633

    certain, commercial planes, are releasing the chemtrails when the planes get up to a certain altitude. The captain release the chemtrails and it has nothing to do with the airforce. some mechanic discovered these pipes, on a plane he didnt ususally check out, and found that the wires let directly to the captains chair. The mechanic even check this certain plane out on the companies computer , while he still had access, as he was threatened not to leak the information.


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