Chemtrail Spray Operations Captured on Doppler Radar

This video contains a collection of screen captures depicting Chemtrail Spray Operations showing up on National Weather Service Doppler Radar over various cities in the Western US. The video describes in detail why the linear cloud formations are not persistent contrails resulting from jet engine exhaust since cirrus type clouds can not be detected by Doppler Weather Radar. More Detailed analysis can be accessed on my website at WatchTheSky.Org

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Spray Operations Captured on Doppler Radar

  1. pimpdarlin

    & research government / military documents that confirm testing bioweapons upon the civilian populations in USA & UK.
    There are many precedents that are not open to debate. It is documented fact.
    Join the dots between other examples of chemical & biological attacks on humanity. Mercury in vaccines & autism, fluoride in water, bisphenol A in plastics, aspartame, GMO food, bioterror, I could go on, the point is they all damage fertility, immune systems, & nervous system. Coincidence?

  2. pimpdarlin

    & found at levels tens of thousands times higher than maximum ‘safe’ levels & no action is being taken.
    I believe this speaks volumes about the agenda behind it & our governments role in it’s application. It is truly horrific to consider that we are being deliberately poisoned but research the effects of heavy metals upon the human nervous & immune system. It is not easy to consider, but this is where the evidence & my intuition has taken me mate…

  3. pimpdarlin

    If that is what you think mate & that is what you see then I don’t try to change you.
    How old are you bro?
    I am 46 & I’ve always looked at the sky & contrails & clouds.
    I didn’t see then what I have seen for the last 6 years.
    Please watch ‘Don’t Talk About The Weather’ & ‘What In The World Are They Spraying?’
    Both films describe what I see & both provide empirical evidence that Aluminium, Barium & Strontium nano aerosols are being sprayed in our atmosphere & changing ph of soils…

  4. RagGeorgie

    @ChrisArcen Fair enough…! I thought you were ready to say that the Wright Brothers(!) and the bi-planes of the first era, were also creating “persistent chem… -sorry- …contrails”, in your ‘desperate’ attempt to “educate” us poor ignorants, who might not have been around for so long…

  5. RagGeorgie

    @ChrisArcen “…been around for 70 years.”
    No, it’s estimated they have been around some 30 years earlier!

  6. ChrisArcen

    @robertmacleod No, the blob is rain like we see all the time on weather radar, and “chemtrails” are just condensation trails and they have been around for 70 years.

  7. robertmacleod

    @ChrisArcen The Blob you are referring to in the video shows the extent of the fallout of the Chemtrail Spray particulates as they spread out across the sky above the populated areas of the city and fall eventually to the ground and into our respiratory systems. The Doppler Radar is able to easily detect the massive Chemtrail cloud as it nears the surface of the earth. Thanks for noticing this phenomenon and reporting on it for my viewers.

  8. ChrisArcen

    @robertmacleod If it is set in “Clear Air Mode” then those are just normal cloud bands. What do you think the image @ 3:47 is, a “chemtrail” blob?

  9. robertmacleod

    @ChrisArcen If you knew anything about Doppler Radar you would recognize that the radar images displayed in the video are operating in “Clear Air Mode” and not “Precipitation Mode”. The NWS forecasters switch the radars over to precip mode when rain is predicted. So in summary, you are wrong …. they are not rain bands. Check out the NWS Radar FAQ page for more information.

  10. LibertyJewel

    @robertmacleod This is THE best video on chemtrails I have seen yet. I love the work you did on this. Great!!

  11. GrobarBorcha

    We have them all over Europe,from East to west!!Only IDIOTS are not seeing or beliveing this!!We have to UNITE AGAINST NWO KILLERS!!

  12. misstaramadison1

    Thank you for this….I’m in N/E Mesa, we been getting sprayed like crazy here in the valley lately, last Friday was quite an event!

  13. robertmacleod

    @ScoobySnaks1 I am sure there are plenty of similar Doppler Radar anomalies within the NWS archives. Would you like to help fund my project so I can continue my research? However, I believe I have offered enough empirical evidence in the video to make the case for Chemtrail Spray Operations. It seems most people who have viewed the video understand the facts presented. You seem to be grasping at straws with your insistence on providing data that is not necessary.

  14. ScoobySnaks1

    @robert- well then there should be plenty of radar shots of chemtrails dating back to the 90s….where are they? These shots do not match up with any of the satellite images&pictures people take of supposed “chemtrails” Why no grid or “x”s in these shots

    Why are there no corresponding pictures of the trails in question to go with the radar images?

    It is easy to find persistent contrails on old sat images

    Just showing anomalous images on radar&claiming they are “chemtrails” doesn’t cut it

  15. CaJeffO

    For brainiacs whom need scientific proof this is great. My most important pictures, videos, government documents and links to ground water testing is online in the form of condensed reference notes about Chemtrials.
    Find it GOOGLING THIS: CAJeffO Chemtrails

  16. frediablo

    Very interesting video document. I live in Scotland and have been witnessing ‘strange cloud forms’ for some time. Gathering factual information to distribute is going to be beneficial for all of us. Thanks, stay healthy be aware be free!

  17. robertmacleod

    @ScoobySnaks1 There are about ten different screen captures in the video from various cities and times and dates. The reason you do not see Chemtrails on radar anymore is that in 2006 the NWS downgraded the sensitivity of Doppler Radars. From what I can tell Doppler radar displays from NWS sites now only depict data operating in what is called Precipitation mode and no? longer display in Clear Air mode which is much more sensitive. I think they realized Chemtrails were showing up on the Radar.

  18. ScoobySnaks1

    So…if these are “chemtrails” …and doppler radar depicts “chemtrails”…then why are they not identified everyday? Why only this one screen capture?

    Supposedly “chemtrails” are “sprayed” daily all around the world…and if that were the case- according to you- they would be visible daily on radar all around the world.

    Do you have any more screen shots of “chemtrails” on radar? or just this one…?


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