ChemTrail Sprayer – 100% proof – filmed up close by AF pilots

Despite denials from our government, military, and scientists, this “planned” geoengineering has already been happening! Career biologists have documented 90…

25 thoughts on “ChemTrail Sprayer – 100% proof – filmed up close by AF pilots

  1. bferg532

    Look how mad you are! LMFAO!!!? You’re getting absolutely destroyed biyatch. Whatcha gonna do about it? I’m going to run ya off this thread and make ya delete all ya comments here. Muahahahaha that’s the power I have over you. I win

  2. bferg532

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  3. iwon2013

    By the word of three witnesses and Jerome Bressler himself this 20% should never have been? deleted from a public record which exposed the damning studies by Searle and their tactics in trying to conceal from the FDA how bad the studies were.

  4. iwon2013

    The FDA audit or Bressler Report is public information. I? personally spoke with Jerome Bressler and he did not give anyone in the FDA authority to delete data from his report. He said the worst 20% of the report was removed in retyping – without his permission. Jerome Bressler said the same to H. J. Roberts, M.D., and Russell Blaylock, M.D.

  5. iwon2013

    –You’re right it should be on that web site or listed with any public or university library. I’ve done that but it has been stricken from the record. As you can see by the letter below there are no exceptions for this, it should be public information. It’s not. Only two or three people have this record and FDA is one of them. So why was the Exact Executive order that the FDA and the division of affairs (who admit this executive order? happened above) missing online? hmmmm ratliro…

  6. iwon2013

    We wish to point out that all Executive Orders, once issue, are public information. The specific Executive Order you request may be obtained from the Internet at: ( may? also be obtained from any public or university library.”fed govt website on executive orders…cannot post a website on youtube)

  7. iwon2013

    Posted: 28 December 2007 Food and Drug Administration
    Division of Freedom of Information, HFI-35
    5600 Fishers Lane
    Rockville, Maryland 20857
    In response to your request of November 13, 2007 for a copy of the Executive Order signed by President Reagan between January 20? through 26, 1981 making the FDA powerless to do anything about aspartame until Arthur Hull Hayes came to the FDA:

  8. iwon2013

    Regan? did not what? Wtf are you talking about? Dude…your brain is fried!! You need help. Your a bat shit nutty loon!!

  9. iwon2013

    Waiting for a beating? Boy I hope someone in your hometown does me that honor. I actually cannot believe a person that walks and breaths can be such? an imbecile. Bro …you make bferg look like Mensa material!!

  10. iwon2013

    Listen you fucking moron in a pigs obese body…typing brain dead….UP TO THAT POINT NUMB NUTS!! nothing like that was ever done! His first day in office! Fucking read dumbass. Your simply trolling now. No one can be this brain? dead

  11. iwon2013

    Dude….go to the damn article on the Huffington post and look at the reference numbers. I am not going to sit here and do all this work for you. OK? Type Regan gives executive order for aspartame….click on any of the dozens of links!! Jesus Christ you are one dumb fuck!!? Does your wife speak English? Because only if she did not could I see someone this dumb having a life partner. Your stupid. I am making a video of you due to this!! Congrats on your stupidity

  12. iwon2013

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  13. Ratliro2

    order number and congress does not give executive orders by the way and you said Reagan did not congress. I guess you are losing your? mind when your lie is exposed and just grabbing at anything.

  14. Ratliro2

    and since when does a president not change people out in agencies when he feels like it. Hardly the need for an exceptive order like you claim. So just tell that order number what was it again still waiting. What you gave me was some wrong dates and names of people in charge at the time so how? does that support your lie.

  15. Ratliro2

    And again what order? number was that again go ahead name it. We are waiting or do you have to report for duty at the mall. You are not very bright I guess that is why you work as a mall cop.

  16. Keith Seigel

    Yeah the ugly fuck is exposing himself and the while operation. ? Notice how belfry fled??? Cause I put his dumb ass in his place. He got scared with the CHEMTRAILS COMPARED TO DDT debate and fled the scene. Ratlifuck is now exposing the other bullshit profiles. Even with the proof spoon fed to him…he denies it. Fucking crackhead liar.

  17. Keith Seigel

    That’s how we know your a shill. Ya fucking fat troll bitch…you? fuckers deny the proof with the largest pile of bullshit propaganda rhetoric, and you think people actually believes it…they don’t. Your on multiple profiles on multiple threads about all of these topics claiming to be an expert on each topic, when ya work graveyard where????? Your a no out fat ugly troll.

  18. iwon2013

    He ELIMINATED THE FDA? CHIEFS AUTHORITIES!! NEVER DONE BEFORE!! is this sinking in yet you fat bodied piece of sewer sludge? Old people fuck faster than you think!!

  19. iwon2013

    He removed members of the FDA AND ADDED A SEAT TO FILL WITH RUMSFIELDS PARTY !! A president had never done such a thing up to that point! Shut up you stupid, non? reading remedial fuck! You have got to be kidding me? A 6 yr old could find this!!! I just fucking gave it to you! I’m still waiting for the signal of “duh” to reach your nervous system. Dude…your fucking slow….dumb and a waste of sub thinking flesh. You might consider euthanasia… for real Bray!!

  20. iwon2013

    You fucking idiot! I just told you how to find it! Its under the references section the the order given? in congress!! Holy shit your fucking dumb! Right below your saying “how is that different…” admitting he did it!! You lose Fatboy! Stop crying moron. Good god your stupid!

  21. Ratliro2

    and just how is that different than what any other president has ever done and how is that connected to an executive order to approve anything. One problem with your claim there Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes Jr. left the FDA in 1983 and he did not take the office until 1982 so you really have no idea what you are talking about do you even know what an executive order is. They keep a public record of all such orders? so which one during the year so of 81 or 82 was the one you claim did this. still waitin

  22. Ratliro2

    really what executive order number did he give to back up his claim. Oh yea he failed to proved one so he failed? just like you the whole inbred family must be ashamed of you by now. Total and complete failure

  23. Ratliro2

    well troll collect the water for the next 3 months or longer if you want have it tested and post th4e results simple enough but that still will not prove chemtrails but will prove if your water is polluted by some local company that just loves morns like you point at the sky to distract from? their polluting your air and water.


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