Chemtrail Sprayer – The Ultimate Proof!

Conversion of civilian aircraft to NATO chemical sprayers. Please feel free to copy this video and upload it to your channel. Please don’t ask about the origin of this video, I refuse to reveal my source.

6 thoughts on “Chemtrail Sprayer – The Ultimate Proof!

  1. knetterfreak666

    still think the don`t make us sick???? bastards nice vid m8 expose what the ar doing to us great work we all new this and now there proof off it hail 2 uploader

  2. mrconradhoppe

    nice vid, how can the people remain silent? If you quit, you could just man up and at least tell someone what’s going on and why. Talk about the piliots, and the actual elements, and chemicals used, everything, for the humans. I guess they’re too scared.


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