Chemtrail spraying in Norway – with Infra-Red camera – one week in May 2012

Chemtrails can be difficult to see after they have morphed into different forms. With an Infra red camera, all the chemtrail soup becomes more visible. This film shows how prevalent the chemtrail spraying really is at certain times. I have registered this going on even behind cloud cover and night time operations.

22 thoughts on “Chemtrail spraying in Norway – with Infra-Red camera – one week in May 2012

  1. SprayOClockNews

    damn straight! i saw 7-11 with a huge banner advertising? a WHITEOUT SLURPEE! It’s all about Monsanto and aluminum resistant seeds… see KillerSpray-com

  2. SprayOClockNews

    I liked your film! Please take a moment to vist


    so you are clear on the global warming hoax, CO2 is good for the earth, period.

    Also, see the? overview at KillerSpray-com there you will see the big picture as it provides the context to this whole thing. It is CRUCIAL that chemtrail activists understand this for the bankster-scam that it is! they INVENTED the GREENHOUSE GAS RELIGION decades ago, as is proven in the IRON MOUNTAIN report and other publications.

  3. sunnyy1969

    we need to flip the pyramid become free from the establishment, and? stop contributing our hard earned money to the establishment.? Think about it this needs money, from where though? from us.

  4. newglobalfrontier

    over the next 50 years. You see one generation set it up for the next generation. I am talking about the Elite.

    Its an insurance policy. Business,
    The same as Afghanistan, thats an insurance police also for the next genteration of Elite and thier family.

    The most valuble product in the next 50 year will be Lithium, Afghanistan is the? richest source os Lithium in the whole planet

  5. likeitmatters420

    Think of the air space that is being covered and then tell us again this is anything but alien, these planes that are dropping the garbage are not planes at all. The orbs are? producing plane images so we think its aircraft but it is not. We have been invaded, open your eyes.

  6. screwedworldorder

    Great footage! Notice that they are all of a sudden coming out in the open about over the past few weeks with countless articles and press releases claiming geoengineering “could” turn skies white? The skies ARE whited out by chemtrails on a regular basis, even in rural locations. I don’t believe this has anything to do with climate change, but? an excuse to experiment on, and even cull the human population. See “Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement” FMI on the eugenics/depopulation agenda.

  7. medini2

    so, i believe these pilots do this because they have been sold a bill of goods. there is no logic in covering the globe? with fake clouds for any reason whatsoever. aliens or no aliens.

  8. medini2

    He said he had seen live aliens with his own eyes and dead ones, too. He kept telling me what he was saying was top secret and not to tell a soul, I believed he was still a bit shell shocked, but, nice,and a great boss. But, he was not joking at all. He was quite serious. ?

  9. medini2

    In 1977 i had a boss who was a pilot in vietnam, & received a medical discharge..”shellshock”. He was my boss at a GM factory in michigan in 1977. And, he flew lear jets for the cia at night, “moonlighting” My first night working I threw up in? a trashcan 6times from the smells and noise. He took pity on me and started telling me stories about his work w/ the cia. Diff. to hear him, but, he said the CIA had a plan to cover the globe in fake clouds? as a defense from “aliens”.

  10. EliteMasterplan

    From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology (FULL LENGTH? VIDEO)

  11. indigoTALK

    our Planet, the Mother Earth is in a serious problem!
    but we are the human the intelligent species at the planet? Earth,
    are ready for take it seriously!

    talk 2 us…

  12. Shazzamm1971

    watching this made me remember that my big $ Sony Camcorder has the Infra-red function. Never thought to use it for daytime Chemtrail viewing/documenting. Thanks for the great idea and I thought the commentary was spot on. Good job.?


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