ChemTrail Sunset

These Nano particulates of metal, are not good for the lungs, nor the respiratory system. Doctors in this area know when the spraying is on, for their patien…

19 thoughts on “ChemTrail Sunset

  1. WelcomeBackHome

    Just so everyone knows…this video was getting traffic right away….so
    much so, I was rather stunned…then the comments were 95%+ “whoa” as
    in…wow, or *&!$ Now, why would YouTube put a nail in it? So fast, too?
    All I can say is….they did. Please like and share, if you can. Thank You.

  2. violashutters

    We have been protesting this in San Francisco since March in front of San
    Francisco’s City Hall. We pass out flyers and inform the public. Many
    people are aware. I need more people at my protests. look up

  3. violashutters

    They spay heavily over the oceans. I have been watching it on naval
    satellites for a few years. They especially spray heavily to collapse our
    rain clouds before they get on shore. Makes me sick!

  4. WelcomeBackHome

    The new tactic is to spray far enough out over the Pacific, to make it less
    visible. They are also starting and stopping. This is the one thing that
    should make people aware to the fact, that there is a total takeover in


    Mate everyone around my way has had various illnesses. It seems like there
    is more colds and bugs going around. A lot of young kids of families we
    know have been took to hospital through the coughing.

  6. aloekat

    Who says pigs can’t fly? I live in southern california and we are inundated
    on occasion similar to your video . I am pretty sure they spray far out
    over the pacific ocean so the chemical particles spread out and aren’t so
    apparent . The pigs also practice haarp tactics here.

  7. Richard Einstein

    I think we need to stop using the term chemtrails, it sounds like something
    beautiful, like rainbows. We should use a more appropriate term that
    describes the purpose of these crimes such as death dumps. We could ease
    into the change by using Chemtrail/Death Dump. Maybe the zombies would pay
    more attention to what is going on. This shit has to stop and those
    responsible must hang. Not only those giving the orders but also those who
    follow orders are committing crimes against humanity.


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