CHEMTRAIL talk with ALEX JONES and Guests December 2009 – Global Dimming is in effect!

WAKE UP! There is not enough talk and debate about this important issue. The US government is “geoengineering the planet” with chemtrails but denies it. We have seen a massive increase the past 8 years and the globe is dimmer and the air may not be fit to breath. Lung problems are on the rise. More animals are going exticnt than ever. What else are they SECRETLY doing to us from above? Alex takes several calls about chemtrail spraying, but doesn’t really talk about it as much as he should. Keep the calls coming to him and others until we force them to admit what they keep denying.

25 thoughts on “CHEMTRAIL talk with ALEX JONES and Guests December 2009 – Global Dimming is in effect!

  1. irojioqopiewjr

    Look like the elite are suffering form the brain damage also. It just always blows my mind that people dont notice this activity in the sky. The masses have been brainwashed into a virtual coma with the help of big pharma of course. No doubt they will pay for their crimes against the planet and humanity. John Holdren is not a human, he is a genocidal demon.

  2. kenjams

    @luvmyctd They usualy spray before storm fronts or clouds come in, but also will spray behind them. I totaly agree with your last statement about most people. It seems like they could care less…or they think it’s nothing to worry about…just something normal.

  3. luvmyctd

    @kenjams I’m in a small town in Ontario, Canada and I’ve been videoing chemtrails for a while here now. Nearly everytime they fill the evening sky with chemtrails it rains within 12 or so hours. Now, the weather station has been calling for rain for days on that day so I don’t know what they are trying to accomplish with this shit but it is sure frustrating that I seem to be the only one here that sees what is going on. People are so self absorbed they could care less what they spray, it seems.

  4. normalizetheworld

    So, they are not just brazen to us human being. They are brazen event to God. Even so, some of us are stupid enough to advocate Gandhiism in dealing with them. They must be physically destroyed immediately in the name of God! What’s left to say?

  5. kenjams

    @TopcityDank You are right sir. They also will create their own “cloud fronts, and then fill and patch from behind backing and filling until it expands for most of the sky to create a virtual “white-out” condition.

  6. pixelcomet

    central germania is ALL DAY WHITE! I wish, we had such a sky like you for only i week! ppl are reacting and talking uncounsciously already.

  7. GodGunsGutsGlory777

    Oh yeah, that was a SWEET time elapsed video. I have been meaning to do one of those.
    How long was the original video? I don’t have anything that can take more than about 80 minutes of video at one time, but 80 minutes would record a BUNCH of spraying.

  8. heartheMessage

    I’ve lived in Morgantown WV, Myrtle Beach SC, Austin TX, Tampa FL, and spent time in Orlando FL, CHEMTRAILS are no stranger to any of these locations. So you’ve got me… 1 person, who’s been in 5 cities the last year 1/2, chemtrails are in every location. I’d say these numbers give a high probability that chemtrails are in every city. No doubt

  9. anotherising

    I seriusly suspect some of the types of particles that are sprayed , going into peoples bloodstream and causing strokes,heart failure, blood barrier failures in the brain and other serius illness, just a thought though, have no proff or anything

  10. snipergoose22

    Channel: aodscarecrow
    Playlist: Big Picture FINAL (Part 1-9)

    (if there are any viewpoints in this Film that you question, or do not agree with please share. United We Stand… Divided We Fall)

    Power to the People!

  11. megamorphg

    @snipergoose22 and al:
    watch THE BIG PICTURE from scarecrow’s channel, it clears up things A LOT!
    and you’ll feel much calmer about everything in the end :-)

  12. snipergoose22

    @megamorphg thats what I’ve been trying to ask everyone…. aren’t the people who are doing this also going to suffer the same fate as the rest of us? We all breathe the same air people! Immortal scientists would work haha but seems unlikely… who knows

  13. megamorphg

    @livejustonce23 who are the ones in power? immoral scientists. a ton of them.

    everyone… it starts with making sureyou let EVERYONE know about it (without making them freak out)–
    this is a battle of AWARENESS


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