Ken was using his Sony Hi8 camera to film Chemtrails when he spotted these UFO emerging from them. He was filming with a 950nm IR filter installed and in nightshot mode, hence the green color. The video was shot in Tennessee on 9-28-07.

11 thoughts on “ChemTrail UFOs from UFODIGEST.COM

  1. gipnfdl007

    @taralynnnn I think people should avoid the term “orbs” as they is more oriented towards “ghosts” and the like. Spheres would be better.

  2. gipnfdl007

    Holy fuck! OMG! That is great work man. Absolutely. I get pics of the same chemtrails, I have yet to see a ufo behind them though. Great work.

  3. pilzkillz

    But you can? DO something!
    Chemtrails, Mindcontrol and HAARP can be? stopped by selfmade ORGONITE!
    Have a look at my videos about Orgonite! BUST the NWO! :)


    This is great footage. Any chance of a sharper, more enhanced version of this video? With maybe some added zoom?

  5. TheChemTrailReport

    yes, I see them too in Las Vegas, they linger in the sky, and line up like track lighting in the night.

  6. taralynnnn

    this is a wonderful video of the orbs!!!
    i have been trying to catch them on video during the day time for a while now, but they are just too high up most of the time…

  7. DontSprayMeBro

    good shooting ufodigest…difficult to get them on vid moving. i get them in stills often, and in the areas of the chemtrails. natural cover by design maybe.

  8. 2EYED

    they are not birds. see them and lot things all the time. start looking for faint light streaks in the clouds. if you’ve seen chemdumping in the sky there is more to see than just clouds. belive me. as far as the debunkers, wouldn’t you think someone would have more to do in life than go around and post negative or misinformation? really odd profession isn’t it. doubt is one thing, this is something else.


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