10 thoughts on “Chemtrail Update

  1. philliptjr1

    No doubt. The best part is they? can spy on us while spraying us with poison. Good thinking government.

  2. philliptjr1

    I have personally heard the noises that you are referring to, but have no idea where they are coming from. One can only imagine.

    I did see something interesting just now. The sky is as clear as you can get tonight and low and behold? they are chemtrailing. This is only the second time that I have noticed this at night. I guess any time is a good time to spray poison on us. The creepy part is that there is a chemtrail X over my house. Maybe they are sending me a message. IDC.

  3. gbarber1000

    Ok, Well then I understand what you are saying about your smoking. Then you make sure you stock? up on those then like crazy!! I have my one habit I can’t kick, & that is coffee. So I bought some like they were going to stop saling it the next day. You know there is one topic that sort of gets my interest is the mysterious sounds people are hearing across the globe. Do you know anything about those? I have watch videos, but other than that, I don’t know.

  4. philliptjr1

    The only person that ever says anything about my smoking is my wife. Your comment does not bother me at all. I take it as good advice. I pray to God to give me the strength to quit, and it? never seems to come. I do say this all the time and I am not trying to be funny. I’ve told people for years that I am scared to quit smoking. I truly believe that I would turn into a serial killer. Cigarette withdrawal for me is 20X worse than when I was a drinker, and that was really bad. I will keep praying.

  5. gbarber1000

    Please don’t take the cigarette advice wrong. It was hard, but I finally got my signifcant other to quite smoking a year? ago. You CAN”T do it cold turkey & I wouldn’t advice to try it either, don’t try either. Slowly, SLOWLY pull your self from it. 1 at a time, 1 less here & there, I know you have heard the cigarette comments toooo many times. Plus it’s just one more thing you won’t need to barter for when the SHTF happens. Come up with a list of things to do when you quite, like playing cards.

  6. gbarber1000

    I understand exactly what you are getting at, I live in Phoenix, AZ and I see the samething here, the same old streak in the sky when I go out my patio door 6 hours later looking up. The best you could do is: take your vitamins, multi-men ones, do some small strecthing techniques in the morning while you have your coffee, Gerald Celente does Yoga he says to clenzy his system of all the? crap he reports on daily to us. I know it hard, but maybe cutting back 1 cigarette here & there.

  7. philliptjr1

    I by no means proclaim to be an expert on this subject. I do know that the normal trails left by airplanes is called contrails, or what I call ice crystals. The contrails discipate very quickly as a jet goes by. The chemtrails linger, then they spread out. I’ve seen them linger for hours. I have watched this foe so long now, I can look at the sky and tell if what I am seeing is a normal cloud formation, or a chemtrail. Please check out the movie link that I have,? it is very educational. Peace.

  8. gbarber1000

    I am somewhat confused on the chemtrails. I am not bored with hearing about it, it’s just sometimes it is hard to tell the differance between a chemtrails in the sky, & then like a moisture/cloud line that airplanes have always put out for years. But if I had to guess on the reason for it, possibly to break our immune systems down, so that where ever there is a pandemic, what you take just simply won’t work. Or might counter react from all the chemtrail sparying over the years. Do? you think?


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