Chemtrail -Venus Project connection WARNING GRAPHIC!!

this is what they have been working on.

26 thoughts on “Chemtrail -Venus Project connection WARNING GRAPHIC!!

  1. TheLimanfkv

    Jaque Fresco je jebeni manipulator-utopista koji je verovatno obožavatelj Aldous Huxley-a!Treba ?e vam 60 godina da skontate ko je ON i KOME služi!

  2. TheLimanfkv

    venus project did you like all seemingly good organizations (UN, UNICEF, GREEN PEACE,WWF…) think it is good and it turns evil! population control!FUCK OLD WORLD ORDER-NEW WORLD ORDER !FUCK MOLOCH AND LILITH!

  3. MCP2012

    With all due respect to jbdarkgod, this strikes me a **dis**informative, as there is NO connection whatsoever (that I’m aware of , anyway) between Jacque Fresco & the Venus Project (and/or, indeed, Peter Joseph & the Zeitgeist Movement, for that matter) and “chemtrails”. Nada, zippo, not-a-damn-thing. So WHY, pray tell, would you publish such, for want of a better word, sheer, unsubstantiated ***crap***?! W/all due respect to ur 1st Amend. rights, this comes close to defamation!! Watch-out!

  4. WotTheFluck

    @BeyondDGrave conspiracy theories??? chemtrails are fact.. do some research…
    Governments have admitted chemical spraying of the population…
    I would of linked chemtrails to killing of the bees(Problem=Pollination:Solution=GM Foods) , HAARP, if planetX is real then blocking the skies, ect.. linking to the venus project is a big step..
    Also for the penis project to work.. depop is needed..

    Resource Based Economy, Great but do you want the people in control now to be control of that..

  5. blaziermissy

    Seems as if somebody wants attention at the expense of a great cause: The Venus Project.

    You’re mislead and wrong.

  6. witecracker2

    i did like this video because you can see the chemical bombardment being waged on the humans on earth,
    why is it that the mutations occur>???chem trails haarp vaccines food that we eat, when you look at the whole picture you can clearly see that there is an outside force attacking you and your family’s everyday,
    i included

  7. FuManBoobs

    You’re a clear example of why it’s going to be so hard to implement such a great idea as a Resource Based Economy.

    If it’s not willfully ignorant sheeple or religious crazies, it’s conspiracy nut jobs. Thank god the drunkards and yobs haven’t learnt to use computers yet.

  8. mikrobluess

    I find it annoying how these selfproclaimed keepers of status quo, abuses the venus project.

    Have you even read any of the essays written by Jaque Fresco?

  9. t3hpez

    that’s fucked up. these horrific things are exactly what the venus project is aiming to put a stop to. you are very misguided in making this video. fresco’s designs aim not to form a utopia, but a stable systems approach, in line with natural law and the consistantly emergent nature of reality.

    pull yourself together man, do your research properly with a cool head, and stop spouting useless propaganda

  10. ChelevSaRa

    Good video man. It would be better though if you explained how the system advocated by the Venus Project is going to prevent atrocities as seen in Vietnam. The title and lay out of the video might make people think you’re trying to insinuate that the Venus Project had something to do with all of that. That of course would be misinformation.

  11. TruthWorld

    lol this is pathetic man.
    Go do something more useful with your time, seriously you can be more intelligent than this. If you think you have some problems with the Venus Project than discuss it intelligently and research it more because you clearly don’t know nothing about it, instead of making defamatory rubish like this wihtout any bases whatsoever.

  12. reynoldsmjx

    Wow… this is ridiculous. Is this guy completely ignorant or is he just spreading disinformation on purpose? Do your own research people, these two subject are completely unrelated. I can’t believe you would use this garbage against a peaceful organization/movement.

  13. bagiee1

    Thank you for supporting our system and “democracy”!
    We need good “sheep” like you! you are very well trained,so there is no need for us to spend more money for controlling you… you can do that by yourself!!!
    On behalf of the TPTB i give you our take the gold* medal of “Sheepie” of the year!!!(*not real gold).
    Keep spreading dis-info and you will be rewarded…(sorry but because of some shortcuts, this months paycheck wont be able to delivered..i’m sure you’ll understand)!

  14. BeyondDGrave


    This video is hilarious! (The attempted connection between The Venus Project and conspiracy theories)

    ps: you spelled “Utopia” incorrect..
    pss: Fresco never said it was a utopia..

    1 Star.


  15. ArtisynSaffryn

    How could you possibly compare those atrocities to the Venus Project? Peter Joseph and Jacque Fresco are advocating for an entirely different social system than the current system. They are trying to make this world much better by promoting a society which believes in caring for each other and eliminating wars and the atrocities which occur from wars. The Venus Project would vastly improve life for billions of people. Anyways, agent orange definitely is bad stuff.

  16. Worldmind

    Ah, yet another example of the ‘Anything Good Is an Evil Conspiracy And Anything Bad Is Automatically True’ meme that is currently being promoted by the cynics on the Net.

    Fear is the mindkiller, and one of the characteristics is that cowards will attack the people who courageously seek to end the fear and the reasons for fear.

    Fear is the mindkiller. Are you so afraid that you try to paralyze everyone with your fear, rather than generate some courage and join the effort to actually change the world out of that whole situation?

    There is not, nor has there ever been, any connection between the Venus Project and all that nastiness you present. The Venus Project does not suggest in any way that forced population control should be part of any solution to anything. It does not suggest that chemicals should be sprayed on anyone or forced into us through our diet or innoculations. A basic principle of the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project is ‘Do No Harm’.

    Don’t you realize that for every nasty thing one group does, there is a group somewhere who is working to prevent it? Must you try to tar everyone as being part of the same horror? As a Viet Nam Vet who refused orders to slaughter people, who stood up against that horror, I find your representation to be ignorance multiplied.

    But if you took the time to do a good hearted study of what the Venus Project actually proposes, you could become on of the people who are working against the NWO horror, rather than just another spreader of mind numbing fear and ignorance.

    Cynicism is the dying gasp of the soul… and you had better look at your own. You have great potential as a human being, but your fear is blinding you.

    If you want to talk about it, email me at I am a member of the Zeitgeist Movement and I support the ideas of the Venus Project. It is not what you think it is.


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