Chemtrail Video 014 – Early Morning Chemtrail Seen At Work

Another strange Chemtrail spotted over my work site. The last three Chemtrail videos that I’ve posted are just a small handful of ones that have been spotted…

17 thoughts on “Chemtrail Video 014 – Early Morning Chemtrail Seen At Work

  1. thelasthallow

    Hell i mean when you have like a heat source and the temperature around it
    is like what 10F? maby colder? shouldn’t that like condense the air around
    it and leave a vapor trail? I work in a freezer all day and when i open the
    door and hot and cold air mixes you get that cloudy like vapor or
    something. (am i making any science?) LOL

  2. Hobby Welder

    Hmmm, national security….. You answered one question and gave me a hunch
    on the other, I’m going to say as far as I know it’s a pipeline critical to
    the countries infrastructure.

  3. TheBaconificator

    You think you are there just to weld, but maybe you are also part of a
    large scale chemtrail experiment :o)

  4. thelasthallow

    its just the heat of the engine condensing the air or some shit. This whole
    chemtrail thing would be better spent screaming at a goat then tinfoil hat


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