CHEMTRAIL video log 10-27 thru 10-29-10

Just putting up the final CT pics from the last few days of October. The last two days have been without a trace of CTs or even a cloud. However, we’re having a small heatwave now (will be in the upper 90s when 2 days ago it was in the 70s). There’s a lot going on and this is only a small piece to the puzzle. If you have any questions to anything…. research it or ask people. The only great governing body is one that is truly held accountable to its people….. not running a muck on it’s own agenda. Remember, it’s voting day today…. Although I don’t know if I feel voting even matters at this point, because I believe they will MAKE the outcome come to THEIR BEST INTEREST regardless of what the people….. Still, should try and do what we can. Take care!

5 thoughts on “CHEMTRAIL video log 10-27 thru 10-29-10

  1. GilaTomster

    If those Chemtrails don’t kill us, the NeoCon Tea Party people will :/ I’m concerned if the BIG OIL Right Wing takes control they’ll start WW3.

  2. 1eyednewt

    I have my neighbors looking up at the sky now!!! LOL. After the foot of rain and the inland hurricane. I’m not the nut on the corner any more!!
    Did you see the video of that hail storm in Phx??? My God!! It looked like a gatlin gun! I’ll email it to you today!
    They haven’t sprayed here today, but we still have the mucky horizon!


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