CHEMTRAIL video log – A Cup of Joe, a Little Chemtrail and Aspartame?

Not trying to be boring here by doing another vid on CTs, but these just won’t stop. I woke up just before 5:00 am and couldn’t help but watch and wait to see how the skies were going to end up after seeing that they were spraying chemtrails during the dark hours. This is a video log [again] to keep track of what’s going on. …… Washington Post put an article out about recommendations for EVERYONE to have to get seasonal flu shots beginning this coming fall….. According to the report, it appears the CDC goes off the recommendations of the panel. See the article below…. “Panel recommends annual flu vaccinations for all” … Our FREE swine flu shot clinics begin within my kids’ school district tomorrow (Monday, March 1, 2010) and I’m trying to keep track of the amount of spraying verses chemtrailing they are doing. I have to tell you… we have had an onslaught of illnesses like never before and it has nothing to do with this faux swine flu crap. A lot of sinus related issues with my animals included. Definitely not happy about any of this and although we have a lot of important issues we are facing, this is only 1 element in the mix of things, but equally as important. Thanks for watching and sharing your comments!

25 thoughts on “CHEMTRAIL video log – A Cup of Joe, a Little Chemtrail and Aspartame?

  1. praeeo

    @TGram29 lol, didn’t put it in black and white, but thanks for trying… it was still dark and that’s how it came out in the pictures at 5:30 in the morning.

  2. TGram29

    btw, those “chemtrails” are commonly known as cirrus clouds
    also, are you trying to hide anything by putting the first vid in black & white?

  3. praeeo

    I remember that commercial…. I agree. We rarely see any normal blue skies. It’s such a shame. A lot of people I speak to are having more and more allergies and other issues going on and it seems to be worse when these chems are heavier.

    Thanks for your comment and for sharing!

  4. chaditudes

    Same thing going on in Canada (Ontario). I’m starting to get like that Indian on the side of the highway with a tear running down his cheek as someone drives by and litters (a commercial from back in the day). Every morning I see my beautiful blue sky turn to a white smear…..

  5. dbootsthediva

    @praeeo Hey M Some ear docs are becoming hip to that fact of low clouds inducing popping sensations to ears They understand pressure fields and the rational that somehow the altitude is pressing down
    I use to suffer allergy issues every spring and fall year in and year out The chemicals have compromised my sense of taste n smell I stopped suffering allergy issues when I moved back to my hometown

  6. praeeo

    Hi Boots, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes, they almost always seem to be really low and we (my kids and I, and pets) are all having severe allergy issues and it’s gotten worse since November 09 when the spraying seemed to get worse. I’ll send you a PM… :)

  7. edpotkay1

    hi praeeo nice video. I have noticed the same thing here. Two days in a row we had clear sky until about an hour before dark, then bam, a dozen chemtrails at once. If this is truly for weather modification they would not be doing it at dark. Today was clear again until just after noon. It was very obvious as there were normal contrails in the sky at the same time. Hope all is well with you. Take care.

  8. dbootsthediva

    Dang is also how low your chemical clouds are forming in of a much lower layer of the trosphere Any popping sensations in your ears?
    No they are not natural clouds
    Where I live in No Calif, they do alot of their spraying at night now
    Great footage 5 stars

  9. praeeo

    Wow, thanks for that info about the Aspartame. I remember hearing something about that, but… I forgot what it was called now…. Great info, thanks again.

  10. sbcruiser2

    Also be aware Aspartame has been “renamed” by the manufacturer!
    It’s now called AminoSweet.
    Still the same poison foisted on us by G.D. Searle & Co. and Donald Rumsfeld!!

  11. praeeo

    The TROLLING STOPS NOW… If you’re a troll, please don’t bother coming in this direction… I don’t have time for petty games…. If you’re someone intelligent, we? can agree to disagree, that’s? fine (but then again, you wouldn’t be a troll)…

    Time to grow up and stop the deliberate games.

  12. praeeo

    @2xtream, that person was just a troll. I’ve seen them do this before on another’s channel doing the same thing; asking the same questions and just being a jerk.

    Thank you [though] for sharing and I’m so glad we have people like you and lonnied1000 that do fly planes that know what’s going on.

    Take care and God bless!

  13. 2xtream

    Oh and for the pilots? I have had a Pilots License for just over 40 years now. Always had a current medical that accompany it. So as for Pilots not knowing about Chem Trails is not true. I talk to many pilot friends at the airport form time to time and we do talk about Chem Trails once in a while. Many of my friends fly Corp Air Craft many you all know of…

  14. lonnied1000

    your right…and I now am realizing what a troll really is, up to this point I really did not know…I wont let it happen again…I blocked her, I would block her also if I were you…anytime someone asks to give names of others that believe the same way you do is just gathering information on anybody and everybody they can and there is nothing on her channel…

  15. praeeo

    @2xtream, great information; thank you for commenting and bringing this up… it seems some just want to point fingers without any thought… I guess they’ve had too much of the koolaid… lol

    Take care!

  16. praeeo

    Lonnie, I agree; you don’t owe him any explanation and they are only looking to cause a rift…… time to turn them off and shut them down.

  17. praeeo

    and yet, you STILL GIVE NO BASIS FOR YOUR CLAIM OR ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS, WHY IS THAT TXLINDIA….? (that’s rhetorical, btw)…. Stop trolling here and go bug someone else.

  18. praeeo

    and yet they are not willing to give any fact or basis on their blind claims. You know, I kind of think this person has a thing for you…. I don’t know, should I be jealous…? just kidding…. (you know, their comment calling you big boy…. wow… I think you have an admirer…. :)

  19. praeeo

    Lonnie, lil’ txlindia is nothing short of a troll looking to spark a flame where they are apparently lacking…. This person has an ax to grind and it’s really not with us…. pretty sad really. This person seems to do that a lot with others. don’t let him rope you in in his/her stupidity…. I say we should disengage any further comments with this person. Again, I feel this person is a shill/troll… Just keep it in mind, my friend! Besides, you see the game… they want you to comment

  20. txlindia

    @praeeo and if find it rational to think you know and understand the trails you see better then the pilots of the world .. the I must say … you do not have a clear understanding of the word “rational” …
    but like I said … if you “awakened experts” that have “done the research’ know and understand so much .. then go for it … get you “pilot licenses” like ol loonied has … and go up and get samples / videos ect…
    what is stopping you other then your own ignorance?


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