Chemtrail Video Log – Film 1 – FIRST TAKE

I’m going to put a few links below that I hope you’ll check out. They’ll include a link to a video or two that I’ve watched based on these chemtrails (there are too many to list), but I hope you will take the time to research if you’re not sure what they are. I’ll also give you a link to a website of a group that is fighting (in Northern California) on this issue (which will also give information to the San Diego Conference February 18-22, 2010. Killer Chemtrails: The Shocking Truth New World Order and the Chemtrails Connection Truth TV Secretly records Chemtrail Pilot in Fargo, North Dakota! Chemtrail interviews 1 of 4 San Diego Conference upcoming February 18-22, 2010 This was just sent to me by a friend and has some good information to look at as well:

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Video Log – Film 1 – FIRST TAKE


    Beware the fear merchants girl Y2K Jones who sells gold, water from chem-air and solar power all effected by this. He also pushes buying arms stuff increasing that market. Something to consider we need to educate without fear and get to the basics this does block sunlight it matters at this point not what it is or why. Peace, calm heads prevail.

  2. dbootsthediva

    @praeeo do you get any sense of the ghost faces in that dirt formation of geometrical shapes at 1:17 now that you have taken notice of it?

  3. dbootsthediva

    @praeeo Look at the ground of the top of the hill right behind the actual electrical pole showing Pause video at 1:12 Do you not see the geometrical formations in the ground???
    You can see the same form of looking like ghosts in many occasions that affect your home environment Next time you are boiling something in water that produces a film on top of the water that is boiling, watch the film interact with the boiling bubbles (of a chemical catalyst)
    Keep up the good fight

  4. praeeo

    Hi Boots… at 1:12 I see faces in the sky (they look like ghosts, don’t they? and again at 2:07 lol) These have been constant for the most of 3-4 months now with a few good days in between. We’ve been having some night spraying as well (it’s captured in one of my other vids) Seems they want to keep this going… Thank you for nice comments and support. Take care!

  5. dbootsthediva

    One thing that stood out, was the imprint in the mountin at 1:12 into video right behind the elec pole Quite the embedded jigsaw puzzle pieces pushed together in those aerosol layers at 1:15 Quite a holographic background brewing Did you notice the color changes emerging as you panned by the electrical wiring at 1:37?
    Simply awesome footage of the dirty chemical convenction skies in your area
    Great footage 5 stars

  6. ozvander

    It just amazes me how many people do not even notice them. Last weekend in the O.C. it was completely blanketed. I have been waking people up to the chem trails for over 4 years now. The black lines are the ones that concern me the most.

  7. CanadaLarry

    I want to help, try this.
    Simple matter, Copy my video into your pc and call it up by MS Moviemaker and load it into the work area and play it and pause and create a single frame(s) of any part of my video you want,
    The soaftware will put the image(s) in a file for you to use any way you please.
    Good luck

  8. CanadaLarry

    No Joe Evelyn Rothschilds is not the Only One Guy responsible for this.
    He is just one of the guys responsible for this global endeavor.
    He has 200 – 400 trillion in Gold stashed away for a rainy day so what do they need more gold for. Its not food. Or is it,
    I understand they can grind it up and eat it
    Like the … did 6000 years ago in Egypt.
    Yes Joe I did type TRILLION…

  9. RogueWOLFsnipeR

    I spent about 8 years in socal, mostly San Diego. I sure miss the weather, but man I remember how bad the chemtrails were. Now I’m in the midwest and they seem to be just as bad here.

  10. praeeo

    I wouldn’t be surprised Truthtolder if we all don’t become something along those lines… lol, that’s a scary thought.


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