Chemtrail VS Contrail 101- Classic ???====?

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6 thoughts on “Chemtrail VS Contrail 101- Classic ???====?

  1. vard mike

    its amazing were in 2013 and they’ve been doing this for sooooo many years
    and people still say chemtrails are just contrails and its normal for a
    contrail to stick around for so long. People need to wake up there are
    people’s kids and grandchildren who breath in this air, goes into drinking
    water and farm areas. People who others look up to like celebrities need to
    be made aware of this maybe finally millions will listen to them and do
    something about it.

  2. FalseFlagAmerica8675

    they poison our water with fluoride and poison our food with G.M.O why
    would they not poison our air? check out video called Weather
    Modification,Incorporated Website Clients & Projects /watch?v=oASM71iy41o

  3. fzanefzane

    sun is gettin hotter, and the magnetic field is gettin weaker. chem trails
    are toxic, but UVB rays are more toxic. its for your own good. can’t tell
    the public or else they’ll panic.

  4. AttaGurlBunzzz

    Thank you for duh 101 lesson on CHEMTRAILS n Contrail.. Eye was worried eye
    posted a contrail and not chemtrail video<<<

  5. EyesOpenandDisgusted

    Thanks FFA, hey did you ever think that maybe your handle false flag is not
    getting you enough attention? I’m being serious, because the same people
    who thinks that there is no way chemicals are in our food, water, and air,
    are the same ones who have been MK Ultra’d thru media to vomit when they
    hear the words false flag, conspiracy, alex jones, Jesus (my Lord),
    illuminati, or any info meant to wake them up, Keep trying my friend, and
    thank you. Maybe UnicornRainbowObama8675? Whatchathink?


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