Chemtrail VS Contrail

Video shows a distinct difference between 3 planes; 1 Contrail and 2 others with very long Chemtrails- any other suggestion is welcome, this video puzzles me. Video was taken in Dublin, Ireland.

7 thoughts on “Chemtrail VS Contrail

  1. GBYRNE123

    check out weathermodification . com its out in the open now and is real? ‘cloud seeding’ is the chemtrails we see

  2. squishy3370

    nice vid,I am aslo intrested in contrails and notice a massive difference between planes altitude temperature, wind and others parameters does not seem to be an issue check out some of my new videos? for more info..

  3. AnotherUselessNick

    Thanks for your reply :)
    I was just talking to a friend about chemtrails and he showed me a video that demonstrates how conspiracies theories (regardless if completely made up or based on any actual events)? combined with lack of physics knowledge can lead to funny paranoid theories.

    It’s hilarious /watch?v=8Sq-VmBMHkw :)

    That’s why it’s never bad to research something that seems odd before posting a video 😀
    It’s also more interesting to find answers than just to ask questions XD

  4. GBYRNE123

    yes i always stay open minded to this stuff, however on this particular day there was so many, and unusual for? this place, they did,nt disperse, they lingered around for a while then a haze devoloped as the day went on, now that was quite a cold day so i don’t know if had anything to do with it.. The whole haarp thing may have something to do with it or maybe im goin crazy haha Thanks for the input anyway:)

  5. AnotherUselessNick

    Contrails looks and persistence can differ a lot, depending on flight altitude, temperature, wind and others parameters.

    I’m from Austria, Europe and I’m actually used to contrails staying visible for a long time, I hardly ever see ones as short as the middle one.

    So in my opinion you just captured three ordinary contrails. (I also think they are way too high for chemtrails to make sense)

    TBH I start to believe chemtrails were made up to give bored people with video-cams something? to do 😛


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