Chemtrail Weather Control – NBC4

Congressman Mark Udall-NWO Weatherman. HR 2995 (2005) HR 3445 (2007) NBC4 investigating Chemtrails in the San Bernardino mountains CA,USA. If you don’t believe that weather modification is going on via chemtrails, look here: Even though this bill(HR 2995) did not pass back in 1995, someone is still spraying Barium & Aluminum in our skies! Rep. Mark Udall could not interest Congress with Bill HR2995, so he is trying again with Bill HR3445. Congressman Mark Udall just tweaked the wording a little on his latest attempt to modify our climate and health:

25 thoughts on “Chemtrail Weather Control – NBC4

  1. 5Alenka

    a lot of pple now are aware of the chemtrails and they know that the Gov. is behind this…so why dont we get all together and ask questions? we are entitled to hear the truth from Washington, no IFS, ENDS OR BUTS…..

  2. 5Alenka

    a lot of pple now are aware of the chemtrails and they know that the Gov. is behind this…so why dont we get all together and ask questions? we are entitled to hear the truth from Washington, no IFS, ENDS OR BUTS…..

  3. hardtimefindingname

    Reptilian Bush video gets almost 3 million hits, this video trying to warn people their getting poisoned 60 thousand. Well I guess the aluminum and barium are getting the required results.

  4. erniepond1

    Contrails predicted in souther California, Rocky Mountains and North Eastern states USA..
    Have fun looking at these contrails.

  5. kyle102801

    @inkman46 Power corrupts and they believe they are somehow above getting hurt from the same things they are using to hurt others.

  6. inkman46

    @natsaddict1012 I never said they are trying to kill us. I said they dont care about our health. The information I have found suggest that these chemtrails we see are weather modification or Geoengineering. I have never found any conclusive information for me to make a claim that the government is conspiring against anyone, especially the American public. I’m on the fence, I agree they breathe the same air as we do…

  7. natsaddict1012

    @inkman46 Why would the US government want to kill their own people? Governments’ main goal is to maintain/ increase their own power and without citizens they have literally no power, and the government would cease to exist. If government officials are killing us they are killing themselves too because they breathe the same air as us and i dont see them wearing gas masks around. I could see them experimenting secretly but I doubt it is very dangerous, if at all, to the general population.

  8. hotsatsuma

    If you were driving a car down the main highway smoking out like these “planes” you would be pulled onto the hard shoulder and arrested.
    As no one owns up to being “responsible”, “accountable”, “legally charged with” confirms that the skies are as lawless as the old west……………only this time WE are the red indians!

  9. GundamMerc

    Look at any footage from the great bomber raids of WW2. Notice the long, thin clouds following the path of bombers. You can see that these stay in the air for a long time. These are contrails. The same thing you people are claiming are chemtrails.

  10. inkman46

    @lostdandconfusd I dont quite get this post. I’m aware of the chemtrails. I want to know what they are spraying on us. And why have respiratory illnesses spiked in the last ten years. They are killing us slowly.

  11. lostdandconfusd

    @inkman46 hey watch any more before the 90’s and you will not see any of these in “chemtrails” in the sky now after the 90s you will start to reconize the clouds in the skys.. they are spraying for our safty they claim dont be dumb

  12. caste2510

    ACIRCLEOFLIGHT there are now. Lots of evidence. Watch “what in the world are they spraying” … Contrails dont last for hours and spread out. Learn what a contrail is and how they form. Its a condensation trail. It condensates. A chemtrail has nothing to do with condensation! Ive seen a chemtrail next to a contrail plane at the same altitude. Big difference! Ive even seen a chemtrail plane switch its trail off and on… Contrails cannot be controlled like this!

  13. ACEStreetracer4life

    they can deny that there is no such thing as Chemtrails.. because they do not call them “Chemtrails” gotta find the true name that they have for them and ask them then.. and see what they say. WHY DOES MAN HAVE TO PUT THEIR NAME ON EVERYTHING.

  14. TheTomtomdonk


  15. inkman46

    than how do you know they aren’t chemtrails. Your a tough guy online. The problem is noone can collect a sample because its so high idiot. And if you want to insult me send me your e mail and ill send you my address.


    @AClRCLEOFLlGHT : And just a word of advice. Try not being a complete dipshit when entering a conversation, to avoid being identified and called out as being a dipshit.

    I have over 100 years of public knowledge to support me. I don’t need to bring evidence or support to back me up, you’re the one claiming something against what is KNOWN, therefore the burden of proof is on you.


    @inkman46 : “thus ruling out the idea they are “persistent contrails”. No, the only thing that was ruled out was the accuracy, legitimacy, and support for what you just said. Don’t reply until you find one of those claims of trails being seen outside such conditions… shouldn’t be hard since you said they’re seen “constantly”. Tuck and run dude, tuck and run.

    A wise man once said, “It is better to not know… than to think you do when you do not.”

    Go… find a claim with atmospheric tests


    @inkman46 : How would someone collect a sample at 32,000 ft? Fly through a trail, open a vent that allows the condensation to enter and collect on some absorbent material? I know… rocket science huh?
    I also enjoyed your claim that “contrails persists at -40 and +60% rH, and then claim they are found in other conditions… really? Post one such “claim”. I’m sure you check the rH at 32,000 feet above your house when you see a trail. CONSPIRACY THEORIST, BULLSHIT ALERT, BULLSHIT ALERT!

  19. inkman46

    @AClRCLEOFLlGHT NASA’s description of conditions necessary to allow for ‘persistent contrails’ is -40*C and +60% relative humidity. Chemtrails are witnessed constantly outside of these conditions, thus ruling out the? idea they are ‘persistent contrails’. And how would someone be able to collect a sample at 32 thousand feet. Your too trusting in our government, if you think for one second they wouldn’t sacrifice you for any agenda they have your are sadly mistaken.


    @inkman46 : And just a word of advice, avoid personally insulting someone when making claims unless you actually have something to support yourself with. There is NO support for chemtrails. NONE. Anything you find will be on a conspiracy website which does the same thing you do. Claim shit without proof. And they/you do it because you know there’s no proof. Get a fucking job, breathe some air, get laid from time to time, and stop spending your days as a paranoid dipshit.


    @inkman46 : Like I said… gullible people. Who the hell told you that contrails will dissipate after 20 minutes? Because since contrails began, it has always been said that they can last for hours depending on the weather conditions. Any information regarding “CHEMtrails” is completely based on speculated claims. Not ONCE has a scientist ever collected a sample of such chemtrails while they’re in the sky to test them. There’s no scientific data or support for chemtrails. Worldwide.

  22. inkman46

    @AClRCLEOFLlGHT O.K. genius, cirrus clouds hold heat in the atmosphere and do not reflect harmful rays back away from the earth. Contrails dissapate within 20 minutes, they dont hang around for hours or spread out. I am Educated, I have a degree and I believe they are chemical trails sprayed from airplanes. I’m not gullible and I’m not ignorant. Your the gullible ignorant moron, if you believe the government cares about your health.


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