Chemtrail Webs or Spider Webs ?

This is a RE UPLOAD from YouTube channel C Judd. Rossington UK Here is the original. ChemTrail web formation 08-10…

13 thoughts on “Chemtrail Webs or Spider Webs ?

  1. windowsxpkid123

    Who ever actually believes? that this is a chem trail web is MAD !!!

    I saw an arctical once on the DM about this it forgot what bug caused it but I think it was a spider

  2. rkowwe14

    Blindfold yourself and keep believing there are beings from other worlds coming to kill? us all. You must be? one of these new agers believing we will be saved by group meditation and keeping a high vibration with veganism.

  3. bart vanderzwaan

    do some? research before you speak… otherwise it makes you look stupid…. go read one of the last books of Wilhelm Reich .. “contact with space”….

  4. bart vanderzwaan

    I does not matter what you “believe” or not….. And do you know what REALY is going on..? wow…. you must be the only one the planet… I know I know nothing… I can tell you that… Ok on the street there? is no MOISTURE like on the grass….the particles need WATER to stick together…

  5. rkowwe14

    Definetly not a chemtrail web. In the video i can see nothing of that web on the? street, just on the green. Sure chemtrails are real, but i don’t believe in the global depopulation, reptilian, alien, illuminati, draconian, morgellons, ultra-secret military bases stuff.

  6. rkowwe14

    The only proven truth is that they’re influencing the weather in a bad way with silica gel chemtrails that absorb clouds and air humidity (as told by China on 2008 Olimpic Games). Also they repel clouds with antennas, weather radar, Based x-band radar, radar airplanes, etc.

    It’s? happening, please stop saying things about morgellons, reptilians and alien beings from ultra secret military underground bases, which divert attention from this truth, which i think is hard and bizarre enough to hear.

  7. luke R

    Don’t touch that shit who knows what chemicals are in it! It could give? you cancer by comming in contact with it.


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