(Chemtrail?) With flying white orb.

Okay, between 0:03 and 0:06 seconds in the video there is a small white orb that flies across the screen. I didn’t notice this during filming, and only noticed it after I watched the video. Pictures: thedeadwalkk123.imgur.com Filmed with an itouch 4G

8 thoughts on “(Chemtrail?) With flying white orb.

  1. ella5024

    Chemtrail planes are holograms, they are not real. The white stuff you see is plasma, which is formed from ionized air, and electrons in the air. Because it is plasma, a projection can be added to the ball of directed energy. The trails are basically microwaved air.

  2. thedeadwalkk

    @767Captain I took photos of it, and at the start of the cloud there is an object in the cloud, and thats what its all coming off of. Its a wierd shape, and its solid. Please see the picture link in the description

  3. bridgetlegarde62

    Of course, the shills shill some more spin related to chemtrails. In what world does this sh*t in the air look normal to you? 767 captain?, more like govt. disinformation agent. You know this is not just “the normal sky up there” …. Shame on you pal.

  4. 767Captain

    Also, over on ATS, the guess of a bug or bird that flew into camera frame is most likely explanation. This happens so, so often…..people don’t see the “orb” when filming, only later when reviewing the footage. Something small, and low altitude (close to your camera) can only be moving at a few MPH, but seem to flash by at great speed. Look up perspective, focal length, etc….in photography and video educational sites.

    A class in “filmography” would be useful, too. You will learn a lot.

  5. 767Captain

    What you have, there, is a perfectly normal contrail, and some cirrus clouds above. In fact some of the cirrus clouds are there, because THEY were older contrails. Near the end, you an see a definite (older) contrail as well.
    CONTRAILS. Contrails are, really, not much different from CIRRUS clouds, in composition. They are “artificial” only in the sense that they are man-made….by the burning of fossil fuels, like Jet-A and even gasoline.

    In full screen, tho…I see no “orb”.

  6. thedeadwalkk

    Also at the start of the cloud theres what appears to be two solid objects that all this stuff is coming off of.

    See picture links in the description to see what I mean.


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