Chemtrail wtf is that ahead of plane dec 2009.

Chemtrail wtf dec 2009 music The Stars Beyond (Ambient Sound Library)

12 thoughts on “Chemtrail wtf is that ahead of plane dec 2009.

  1. CosmicStarTraveler

    i have seen almost the exaxt type of black aircraft spraying chemtrails over here! i have no clue to what that black line in front of it is lol nice footage!

  2. Legionoftruthers

    It is an anticrepuscular shadow. You need to get your head around how perspective works and why the shadow is infront of the plane
    The shadow will always be parallel to the contrail. the sun does not need to be directly behind the contrail but to the side .
    The shadow forms in the icefog haze.
    Go to a disco with a fog machine. find a lamp and use your arm to form shadows in the fog. Have a mate take pictures and you can easily recreate the same effect.
    Easy to understand if you make the effort.

  3. psisky

    It’s called an anticrepuscular shadow. Nothing sinister but very strange the first time you spot one.

  4. clarity2325

    I’ve seen them before, not sure but i’ve wondered if they first spray black chemtrail, flip the plane around and go over it with another white chemtrail??

  5. SkywatcherScotland

    I see were you are coming from on this being a shadow,the sun is to west far side of plane,so would be hiting far side of plane but the shadow is ahead of the plane not sure how that is.

  6. celtickev999

    m8 ive no idea wat causes it , but its called “black line phenomenum” … google it with chemtrails…

    gr8 vid m8, keep up the gd work m8y, n keep spreading our word….. time is running out


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