CHEMTRAIL ” X ” finally caught on RADAR, and huge HAARP anomaly over Louisiana

Taken from CONUS (continental US) RADAR from… today … March 4, 2011 A giant chemtrail X in the sky, seeding a storm supercell over Texas.. and a HUGE “haarp” style “ring” signature over the entire state of Louisiana … Now we have a DATE and TIME stamped image WITH A LOCATION of the ” X ” spray pattern !! which means someone with an investigative mind SHOULD NOW be able to figure out who owns these particular planes.. that are spraying obviously in Texas, over the Texan population… Last time I checked.. you DON’T want to mess with texas or the people there… so get this one out to anyone you know who lives down there.. and a quick message to anyone in a position of authority who can actually DO something to stop this…, you now have a lead to follow .. a location, time, and date for these “sprayers” .. Secondly, the giant “HAARP” style electronic anomaly … the huge RING that appears over half the state of Louisiana, and out over the Gulf of Mexico… Either bad weather, or earthquakes follow these “rings”… sometimes BOTH at the same time! Much love to one another in these trying times dutchsinse FAIR USE NOTICE: These Videos may contain copyrighted (© ) material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available to advance understanding of ecological, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. It

25 thoughts on “CHEMTRAIL ” X ” finally caught on RADAR, and huge HAARP anomaly over Louisiana

  1. keensweep

    the sequence sounds similar to what just happened here. Mild trailing went crazy one sunny day in the 80’s that night and the following day it started storming snow and hail today

  2. Charlesrocks

    We had 8 X Trails in the sky here in New Orleans today! This is more than I have ever seen in one day! Please see my videos. thanks

  3. radmanfly

    @Jailawhale Watch “What In The World Are They Spraying”on you tube for in depth analysis of what they find in those chemtrails.

  4. infowazz

    that’s what i saw earlier today, like 8 minutes ago. 2 lines of rain, so chemtrails would explain that. off the coast of georgia (stupid to seed the clouds over the ocean) but they should be there if u look right now.

  5. cjl85uk

    people – surely you know that weather manipulation is not a secret – consider it conspiracy because YOU are not being told the why/what/when/how via mainstream media… easy to make up your mind on it – research weather manipulation companies on google.

    great vid

  6. dutchsinse

    @poadmoon1 pay attention to the animals.. its very still out here in Saint Louis too.. but my 4 cats are super chill right now.. hmm

    tennessee.. is in the new madrid area..

    will check .. back in a second.. see if anything is going on earthquake wise

  7. poadmoon1

    Dutch, I live in middle Tennessee, I see Chemtrails EVERDAY clouds permitting. But , Things are strange today. Nothing is moving and my animals are acting VERY strange. So, northern middle tennessee, , high altitude, any piticular warnings out ?

  8. antiHUMANDesigns

    @unorganizedjunk16 No prob, mate. :) I’m actually subbed to dutch, ‘cuz I find this interesting.

  9. Lost8Wizard

    They are killing us softly from? above.? They poison our food with GMO’s our water with fluoride. They try to shoot poison in our veins just to make us sick so we play the big Pharm? game. A red pill, a green one to make us sicker, all in the name of health to make us die quicker. We shall have the last laugh and pity on them, that they don’t see the light and the love within.

  10. antiHUMANDesigns

    @unorganizedjunk16 I say I lack evidence but I am open to the idea, and you say I’m ignorant? Enough said.

  11. unorganizedjunk16

    @ArgotMay Sorry, but tornado had already passed and this ring isn’t even near that area….

  12. unorganizedjunk16

    Dear Mr. Chemtrail Pilots what took so long to show up. Your “X’s” yesterday in northern Louisiana were not made until 4:00 pm central time, 6 X’s that I could see and all connected (could not upload my video, working on it). Then rain in the night out of no where. Your just kill me, literally. A lot of people down here think your just taking people on vacations and such. Why are they so stupid when something so obvious is right above them? You could make straighter lines…SOB

  13. zedek7777

    Hi Australia Here!!!! Thanks for confirming what i’ve been thinking!!! I have been on the radar today and saw a 4 rings around the Perth W.A. area it will be interesting to see what happens there over the next 48 hours… it was there for a number of hours today but not there tonight!! I can also see the chem -trail activity guiding in the rain and storms!!! thanks

  14. YaHuWeHsoldier

    @Jailawhale For sampling and other Scientific Research Check out carnicom . com – Clifford Carnicom. Also, the EPA doesn’t recognize the term: “Chemtrails” so when asked to their existence, of course “Chemtrails” don’t exist! A better term that I have learned is a “Geo-engineering” Strategy to induce “Direct Radiative Forcing” using a special mix of Jet Fuel to create “Jet Induced Persistent Contrails”. Of course this “strategy” is hypothetical according to “Retooling the Planet” a doc.

  15. antiHUMANDesigns

    Same thing with the “chem-trails”. I see no evidence that they are “chems”, and also no evidence that those trails are meant to feed a storm, or in any way meant to impact the weather. You’re filling in too much. I live in sweden, close to a small air port, and I see airplanes most every day. The trails they leave behind last for half an hour or more, and they’re normal con-trails from medium passenger planes.

  16. antiHUMANDesigns

    This is all very speculative. I’m completely open to these ideas, given a reason. This is very interesting, but I see no evidence of human-made stuff. Just because it looks different doesn’t mean it’s human. That’s just false logics. However, you may know a lot of more background information than I do, so maybe I’m missing something. In such case, I’d be happy to be filled in. But as for now, this tells me nothing concrete.


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