CHEMTRAILS 2010 – Information and Health Hazards for all of us.

A compilation of pictures of chemtrails in Phoenix, information about chemtrails and health hazards to all of us. Most of these pictures have been taken within the last week. There is a mountain of imformation on the internet about chemtrails, the information in this video only touches the tip of the iceberg. Google HR 2977. An American Bill passed in 2002. It has since been gutted and replace by HR 3616. The language was changed and many of the weapons detailed in the first Bill are no longer mentioned. This is a real eye openner and proves chemtrails, and many other technologies are not conspiracy theories. Check out this request log from the DOE…. Thanks for watching

25 thoughts on “CHEMTRAILS 2010 – Information and Health Hazards for all of us.

  1. tattoolover431

    @TheTomtomdonk Will do. Tahnks for checking out my video and sharing your information. Take care, Tat

  2. TheTomtomdonk

    I believe most commercial air craft are being used for spraying now. this is happening alot over the uk. please check out some of my uploads

  3. tattoolover431

    @HELLienadO they are chemtrails if it does not disperse. Thanks for taking a look at my vid. I hope you comment again if you start to see your sky turning white from chemtrails. Take care, Tat

  4. HELLienadO

    …I thought before they just were strange cloud formations, but as I’ve seen in other videos, clouds don’t form like that and it makes sense, specially intersected ones, I don’t recall to see intersected trails, but I’ll start to pay it more atention.

  5. HELLienadO

    I’m from Portugal and I’ve seen similar trails, of some pictures in this video since I can remember… since little kid, I’m 31 now. I can’t tell if they are contrails or chemtrails, but when I see a commercial airplane at very high altitude, the contrail desappears following it shortly after. I’ve never noticed any other planes spraying anything, only the commercial planes as I’ve mentioned, military aircrafts are rarely seen or heard on our sky, as my country don’t have many too…

  6. tattoolover431

    @jizamie Yes, there is some kind of connection. Cancer is man made. All the chemicals in food, medicine, air and water. If you research history you will see, cancer was very rare up until the last couple hundred years. Industry.

  7. jizamie

    All of those nasty chemicals are falling onto all the tasty looking fruit in that tree. >: / Notice how it seems everyone knows someone that has or has/had cancer?? Watcha think? Any connection?

  8. src438

    Yes, I’ll share, because those abbnaches Israelies start to get on my nerves.

    Russians-jews-aka-Israeils aka their secret aganda (maybe all the world) They poisened me, they poisened my family, they poisened my water’s pipe-lines , they poisened my life using some high-tech torturing-and I’m jewish my self -but I guess I was a treath to them because I talk. I talk because it’s hurt so much inside to know how? they are doing it…You’ll never in ur life time don’t guess it.

  9. fishersofmenvideo

    I’ve been watching chemtrails since 1998 up here in Canada. I’ve been watching airplanes avidly since I was a kid back in 1960s. Believe me, something radical changed in the sky around ’98, and it’s STILL changed. In the old days, any trail that persisted for more than a few minutes was a rarity, now it’s commonplace.
    For something completely different, a musical/spiritual interpretation of the chemtrail issue, check out “Boil the Frog:The Chemtrail Opera” on fishersofmenvideo

  10. tattoolover431

    @earthalien77 , Couldn’t tell you where these people live. I would imagine they are breathing the same air as the rest of us, drinking the same water and walking around on the same ground. Maybe they know what exactly is being sprayed and get vaccinated against it. Maybe they aren’t told at all. And I bet if you try to write your local or federal government, you won’t get any answers either.

  11. earthalien77

    Question. So, with all this junk in the air, where do the “sprayers”, the pilots, the companies with the chemicals,etc;…live? Where do they get fresh air? Do they live underground?Aren’t those responsible also breathing the same polluted air as everyone else??

  12. tattoolover431

    @mistressenya I am glad people are starting to see what is going on. IIs this going to go on for so long that they have to indoctrinate people into believing they are normal? That thought worries me. Thanks for watching and Take Care, Tat

  13. mistressenya

    Thank you for posting this important info. I only became aware of chemtrails through the Internet. Now I see them daily…the gov. is not even trying to hide it anymore. I have been seeing chemtrails in advertising lately too -once again you are correct in that ‘they’ are portraying them as normal.

  14. tattoolover431

    @batgirl9289 They have been spraying the skies off and on for a few decades. At least since the 70s. Now it seems to be uncommon NOT to see the chemtrails, how sad is that?

  15. batgirl9289

    @tattoolover431 the scary part is that is rare when i see clear skies. i’ve seen the skies this way all my life since my first memory of the sky.

  16. tattoolover431

    @batgirl9289 Yes, they have been happening for a long time, years. You say forever, I would imagine you are a younger person and might not remember what the skies look like when they are natural.

  17. batgirl9289

    i see these all the time. i just thought it was normal for an aircraft to leave them behind. this has been happening forever. not just now.

  18. procommenter

    Congressman Mica: The aerosolized aluminum oxide propellant that’s being sprayed into our stratosphere from? tanker jet planes, and utilized in the name of terra-forming and aerial obscuration, is THE cause of Alzheimer’s Disease. What are you doing to stop the poisoning of the land and citizens of your district? — Sincerely, Richard Thripp, P.S.: I want to hear from YOU, not a secretary.

  19. tattoolover431

    @NeoEonOne1 I see them in all sorts of T.V. shows and movies now. If you look back, in the 70s there are a couple that have them too. Not many, but a couple. They are doing background graphics on the news here that seem like white “trails” in the sky too. Interesting to watch the indoctrination actually start and take place right before your eyes. Thanks for taking a look and reading some of the comments. Take Care, Tat

  20. NeoEonOne1

    @tattoolover431 and now every car commercial has them in the skies: (one of the conditions i suppose of the auto industry bailout).

  21. tattoolover431

    A show I watched last night called something like “mysteries in the museums” did a piece on the De Lorean, the car manufacturer. They were stating that England backed De Lorean with money to start his manufacturing plant in Northern Ireland. While showing a video of England there were massive chemtrails in the sky.

  22. tattoolover431

    @kooobla Yes, it has been going on for many years. There was an uprising in the 70s over the chemtrailing then. And it came out that America was experimenting on it’s citizens. Have you checked out Phosgene gas?


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