Chemtrails 2011 exposed – Small Documentary – Black ops – NATO Aerosol spraying

G. Edward Griffin Talks Candidly About Chemtrails/SAG IMPORTANT LINK Chemtrails The facts Responsible for the Chemtrails? Clean the drinking water from Barium , its not my intention to promote the selling of filters…….

19 thoughts on “Chemtrails 2011 exposed – Small Documentary – Black ops – NATO Aerosol spraying

  1. WeAreONEbigFamily

    Anyway they say that they spray to counter global warming , spraying Sulfer? and metals to block the sun , but what if? they would add a manipulated virus ???

  2. WeAreONEbigFamily

    Antway they say that they spray to? counter global warming , spraying Sulfer and metals to block the sun

  3. floydinator

    I hate to burst your bubble but 68.8 micrograms/L is 68.8 parts per BILLION not? ppm (well within normal levels).

  4. Dave Jameison

    Aircraft trails have not changed anything and chem-trails are a figment of paranoid imagination.Maybe you could talk to aircraft spotters with radios who monitor air traffic, you could trace the? movements of passenger jets, then see how many secret flights are in a chem trail pattern. there will be….none….IMO there will be nothing to justify the existence of chemicals apart from your paranoia.There are jet traffic websites where you can track movement, check and see.

  5. kaizervonmaanen

    You are? enslaved with the constitution as well. You have the Patriot act. Look at that guy Al-Awlaki he is a american citien that got punished with a death sentence without any trial, jury or judge. And noone has presented any proof for anything they claim about him, and the media do not ask for proof. It can happen with ANY american citizen. They also are checking everything you are searching for on the internet because the ISP is forced to do it. These things are not even secret, its official

  6. WeAreONEbigFamily

    I have? to say that the last half year they don’t spray as much as they did , knock on wood…..

  7. Jason Oatman

    one year I live under a high air traffic aria. Onece or twice a week these air plains would fly over the place I resided at. If I look at the plain that was just over head wile I was in bed resting looking with great intencity. The exact moment? I met gaze with the plain it would make a verry lowd hiss sound. A compis for ever time zone could help explain this.

  8. 1shadowfrost

    The Barium was probably in the drinking water, arsenic was added to the test by the news for scare? factor, and chemtrails are just airplane contours…..

  9. IsabellaVisconti911

    Two days ago, my whole family was dizzy, continuing today. We are never dizzy. All of us experienced great stress. None of us are on medications. We live in the pacific northwest usa. Aerosal spraying occurs often. Something is different is in the mix now. Eschalon, HAARP, gee, that should trigger a? track on me. Oh well. I swear allegance to the Constitution. Without it, we are enslaved.

  10. Sebastian Jonsson

    It is not a test any more! Its real and it will give millions, mabye billions Astma, Alzheimers, Radio active diseases and so on. The sad thing is that it will NOT? stop unless EVERYONE sees it, understand it and fight it.

  11. miarena111

    wow am i tired of this crap that ALL the goverments on this planet produce !!!!!!! still being respected by the ppl in their countrys instead of clearing out all? prisons and put those a…………………………….s in !!!

  12. UkTruthSeeker2009

    Have you noticed the? new option when you comment ? I can`t see an option for EVIL.GENOCIDE OR B—————S


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