some more trails today over my house, with audio from George Noory from his show – Coast To Coast AM – Jun 16 2008-if you compare the scale of chemtrail with house in some photos you will see how low these are, people keep saying we need the aircraft in your shots….. problem is lots of these appear with no sign of aircraft?????????. dont know if any one has the same experience…….

12 thoughts on “CHEMTRAILS 28/2/09

  1. tucker9790

    I still believe there could be some form of “chemtrails” out there… but honestly, how big of an operation would it have to be for countries all around the world to fly chemical warfare planes every day in every city, as people talk about online from their homes around the world. Doesn’t seem feasible to me, couldn’t they just be regular planes?

  2. BlueSkiesWhiteLies

    After many years of fighting the Global Chemtrail Operation, I have found only ONE WEAPON that is effective against them. That is an Orgonite CloudBuster. This simple yet powerful device, breaks up and repels Chemtrails and it restores and maintains natural cloud and blue sky. You can learn to make one on U Tube but I bought mine ready made. I have 12 work’n hard. Now my neighborhood sky stays BLUE while surrounding areas stay WHITE! Buy Yours@CTbustersdotcom and
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  3. missrips

    there are chemtrails over south east england near cambridge at the moment 6.38pm 5th april and i have just watched a plane going over and the trail from that dissapeared within minutes of it going over so they are not from normal commercial flights


    ther aint bin 1 chemtrail in the midlands for 8 days
    and now we have the g20 here aint that funny A..??
    no chemtrails for just over a week be for the g20 meat?? bet your ass they will start up when its all over
    plz look and tell me if its the same were you r..????
    obama and friends dont wont to get chemed a lol

  5. maximilianforte

    this is incredibly funny stuff, I love it, and the people on the radio are great actors — they managed to sound serious and professional throughout, beautiful, like a Monty Python sketch.

  6. stoplisteningtolies

    because the mainstream media feeds you nothing but bullshit.

    they wouldn’t want the truth getting out now would they?


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