24 thoughts on “Chemtrails 5/17/09 – Black line BEFORE the plane!!

  1. MrsOverourheads

    I have been noticing this myself… a lot lately! The black lines! Amazing catch with the black line ahead of the plane. Then you of course have the huge rainbow halo around the sun as usual… pretty much daily now. How can people not notice this is happening!

  2. 1madaboutguitar

    ITS THE SHADOW OF THE CHEM THEY ARE SPRAYING ON THE WAY DOWN. It gives the effect they are following a black beam but they fly so precisely at the same trajectory anyway.

  3. PigsCanFly99

    bit of an oppurtunity missed here – buddy is drawing attention to the solar halo – she doesnt see it .. picks up on trail curlies instead .. and misses the black beam detaching from the trail .. we dont know (for sure) that its the same trail .. the trail doesnt seem to progress either – they may have turned the delivery system off. There are other vids floating around showing black beams with no obvious trail!! Black Beams are high-strangeness of the first order. No 2ways about it!

  4. stars15k

    I’m not the one who thinks someone can project a black line through a sunlit sky.
    Do you have another logical explanation? The only thing known to suck light is a black hole, and I don’t think those are employed to lay down a path for a “chem” plane.
    Where did you find crap?

  5. pamaspamas

    then why is the shadow not THICKER? it would logically be THICKER/WIDER in that case. yet the images recorded are not.

  6. pamaspamas

    there’s chemicals in contrails too. there’s condensation in chemtrails. TRAIL TYPE ZERO leaves no trail no condensation line. TRAIL TYPE ONE leaves short lived condensation trail lasts up to 1 min. TRAIL TYPE TWO, well you dont need to figure type2 out because there are about 8 different forms of type 2 (types 2a-2h).Stars15k would have one explanation for them all and use the definition of TYPE2 to discredit the validity and IMPORTANCE. look after your health everyone. treat poisoning.

  7. stars15k

    Well, that’s your choice. I’m glad I made the choice I did.

    So let’s remember BLACK/DARK LINES DURING THE DAY ARE SHADOWS, ONLY ABOUT 3 MILES LONG. I do admit looking up the math on that fact. I forgot and my husband’s guess didn’t seem right, either. Saw it figured 3 times in three different references that the horizon is 3 miles away ground level at sea level.

  8. pamaspamas

    allax… i look that up in Websters, sure thing. i don’t know if even christ was in the Scientific realm, i thought miracles were not science but paradox lol. kiddin’, maybee not. but what about the Jesus who was MADE UP by the PISO BLOODLINE in a book of occult symbolism stories called The Bible (translated: The Book). why was Jesus made up by Josephus/Calpurnious/Flavious/ through Piso? Oh yeah, to hold THEIR POWER STRUCTURE. i don’t believe in santa clause either. also “made up”.

  9. stars15k

    Because the plane, whenever possible goes in a straight line. It’s the shortest distance between two points. That’s math, too. You mean parallax, I think. Again, 3 miles isn’t very long.
    Satanic agencies are not in the scientific realm. I am a Christian, and I believe if you look for Satan, Satan will find you. If you look for Christ, Christ will find you, too. I’ve always chosen the latter. It has more promise of a truly better world. With Christ, I don’t fear anything.

  10. pamaspamas

    ok we all know that. but why are the trajectories lining up perfectly? why is there a simultaneous paradox? and why are Satanic Agencies running all these operations?

  11. stars15k

    Actually has an explanation. The horizon (to ground level) is only 3 miles away at sea level. The light is reflected and refracted by the atmosphere, so the line will appear to follow the curve of the earth. Three miles to a plane is a matter of seconds travel time.
    So it looks like a long line because of perspective, but it’s actually quite short.
    A pilot’s horizon to horizon is closer to 350 miles for comparison.

  12. pamaspamas

    what a coincedence. i just saw trails going along BLACK LINES just today. I couldn’t focus too well on them for some reason, looked like an optical illusion, as the black line went all the way to the horizon. But i thought it was A SHADOW. but at the same time it couldn’t have been as it went too far into the distance. I was rather stumped. anyhow… it had to be a shadow, no other explanation, but even still…how could that “jet/plane” be trailing right along it also.. just pure weird man

  13. stars15k

    Oh, don’t I know it.
    I’ve found that most polysyllabic words are incomprehensible when responding to any C. Throw science on top of it and watch out. I think sometimes that their brains implode.

  14. stars15k

    I’m not the ones seeing black lines projected. Just what mechanism can you possibly think could produce a black line? Since black is an absence of light, how can you accomplish that in a daytime sky? Think about that and get back to me.

  15. SSJIndy

    You really can’t reason with these nutcases. They evidently live in a 2-dimensional world where the concepts of a z-axis and of parallax is incomprehensible.

  16. dan2u777

    Ok Stars – Explain to me what a black line is a “shadow” of when there is no contrail next to it?? Hmm? Because we’ve seen that with our own eyes as well.

  17. G0KlLL

    When we first saw the black line before the chemtrail, we couldn’t believe our eyes. Great Capture 5/5 *****

  18. barubba

    stars15k obviously you know nothing about physics of the atmosphere and meteorology.
    this shit in the sky isn’t normal contrails.
    they mix something else with the normal jet fuel.
    it’s call “GEOENGINEERING”, and in 2009 it’s a real possibility.


  19. stars15k

    It’s the shadow of the contrail. There is a shadow behind the whole trail. It’s not weird, it’s not unusual, it’s a shadow, because the sun is on the other side of the contrail from the cloud it’s flying beside. Why do you think it’s chemical? It’s been tested and it’s exhaust from a jet. Not unusual, not weird, normal.


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