CHEMTRAILS A NEW LOW if you want to know how close things are follow the chemy’s , they are at a all time low in the sky , you will never see one above the hieght you seen them last , there is a reason for this , and the reason is what I am showing you . GOD BLESS US ALL

20 thoughts on “CHEMTRAILS A NEW LOW

  1. Drgoodgreens

    @traitorsbeware looks like strawberry , lol . It is the black dot , everyone says camera error , well try blocking the error and see what happens , the whole sun disapears from the sky , very trippy , you only need your? finger to block it , even more freaky , trees work better though , try it , you will be able to stare right at the light once blocked (the dot )

  2. Drgoodgreens

    @mandijoann? not at all , you can also download originals from photobucket or I can send you the original files , this is for everyone there is no copyright ,

  3. cloudwalker2657

    Remember the bride is almost ready? Come on people you know the world is nuts right now.That’s why it is hard to see with the naked eye.It is still there as far as i can tell.My father told me years? ago to get ready,he said son it is almost time get ready for the return.I’m Not saying in body i am ready,but in spirit,oh yeh will be wonderful,scary yes,once you see the light for what it is you will understand.In the flash of an eye it will be done.Thank you brother,Dr G,God forgive us all

  4. mandijoann

    Can’t wait for your next post DrG. Am doing some Compilation of your Work and? to repost, Hope you won’t mind :-) Peace and Love :-)

  5. Armahx

    We were taught a 2 D model of the solar systems orbit, look at this 3 D reality , it will blow your mind away. It’s like the stairway to heaven. The solar system about? to break through to heavens? Warning. Nothing unclean enters therein. Mercy.

    “Earth is not orbiting the sun” put that in youtube search. We are actually following it through space/time continuum in a spiral.

  6. Drgoodgreens

    @8679justin They keep dropping closer and closer to the ground for a reason , please? watch next post , you will not believe it

  7. Drgoodgreens

    @MsMybabys I can explain it , but I am trying to show you , IT IS GOD ! 100% and the kingdom of HEAVEN , please do not freak out , you need to pray to him . What you are seeing is how a thief in the night is accomplished , it tells of all the things you will see in my videos in revelation , please read that book NOW ! it is the words of GOD , blessed are thee that read the words , I? will explain further , , todays pics are WOW

  8. MyNickdanger

    Dude, That’s What I’m Talking About!!The Sun Is All Freaked Out!! Did You Read The Message I Sent You About Nano-Fibers and RFID Chips In? Chemtrails? It’s Getting Very Near Time For Jesus To Return!! Peace Brother and Thanks For The Video!! Nick

  9. MsMybabys

    you are right dr.GG….and last night i saw the moon is rise from west and set to east…is that normal..? and the sun light is like near to the earth this day…..dr. can u explain to me why or what is the black clouds that? always going in front of the sun and moon…get along together…that strange…tq


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