23 thoughts on “Chemtrails across Australia

  1. Allan Rathborne

    Coal Seam Gas: Where’s the Gas?. Poisoing? the Atesian Basin……. Chentrails distorting the the new vibrations from the sun

  2. getyaboogieon

    too right man – out of interest, what were the results of your chemical analysis? Keen to feed it back to the scientific community.?

  3. Dashad0w1

    Yes because Chemtrails would be the easiest and cheapest method of poisoning the country, tapping the water supply would be too difficult, too efficient and require a whole 1 dozen people to keep a secret. If it was really a whole government operation that involved hundreds of people keeping a massive secret (which is really the only logical way this could happen), then videos like this one would have been pulled down. Not left up for over 4? years. *claps* quality trolling.

  4. charlie000111

    i have been watching these dirty bastards for ten years now.. i have been in australia for over 30 years , i love this country and i would die for it, and the best part of this country is the peolple , very very friendly, generous , smilling faces , good looking, but it brakes my hart to? say that our kids are getting dumbed down by our government . out of 100 people i spoke with about chemtrails , only 5 new about it

  5. charlie000111

    thank you for this great video, i have? been watching this evil shit been flying over sydney for many years,, keep up the great work mate,

  6. TheJagzy

    N.S.W Australia also is included in this chemtrail for what reason we dont know just yet but im sure its a big matter otherwise what the hell are doing it for.
    Why did anybody ever see these things flying around when we were younger because its new? & the World Governments are worried about something.
    People say they are making us sick with the fallout from this crap.Im seeing them fly around my area mid week & in plain site.
    WtF ?

  7. trafikmax

    all i? need to say is this cant have been happening 40 years ago when i was a kid i saw the same lines in the sky come on really

  8. swilbs

    The way they? get away with it under OH&S is its a CONtrail as in CONdensation…
    No chemicals…………… water?

  9. Kumo Tyson

    Why can’t they spend their? energy on studying philosophy study how to critique things with logic, ration, scientifically and methodically. Thats a much better way of getting to the truth and quelling the fear and anger over something they don’t even bother to read a non-conspiracy book on. I look at these people like the vikings a thousand years ago. When a solar eclipse came about they thought it was a monster engulfing the Sun so they’d bang on their shields yell and scream to scare it away.

  10. Terry Ram

    Mate what you are suggesting is too logical for these people to fathom. The underlying issue they have is they dont want to doubt their beliefs. For whatever reason these people want to believe something or someone is out to get them, I dont know why but if it wasn’t chemtrails it would be something else to fear. They all suffer? from the same mental illness and that isnt a shot at them it is something that is very clear the more you observe how they interact.It is quite fascinating really.

  11. Terry Ram

    Yeah send in all those pictures of clouds as thats all you have! Funnily enough all the chemtrail sites are still accepting donations promising to sent that plane up to test a contrail but 10 years later AND STILL NO PLANE! hahaha they are absolute geniuses if you ask? me!

  12. Imnotgod

    Anyone in AUS want to help and? wake people up to the world around them? contact me and let us pool in our information, the more we know the more we will be able to help the people around us.

  13. TheTruthoftheword

    Australian Patriots Party will outlaw chemtrails ! find them on? facebook and online australiapatriotsparty com au

  14. Kumo Tyson

    Here’s my question. If chem trails are so frequent why hasn’t anyone caught the bastards spraying? Why hasn’t another pilot in the same sky flown up next to the offending plane captured tail number and reported that plane? If anyone here is deeply concerned why not just email a pilot on the net can’t be hard to find one ask them about? it? Maybe do a survey ask as many pilots as you can fire off an email see what response you get. That’s so much better than scaring everyone including yourselves?

  15. Terry Ram

    How TF do you think planes from Sydney and Melbourne get to Asia? They all fly straight over Toowoomba you imbecile! Infact by that time they will be perfectly high enough to form persistent contrails,especially with the high humidity up your way. Use your? brain,put you efforts into stopping your stupid farmers raping the Murray River to grow cotton of all things or land clearing practices that are still going on.Nup, rather stare and be scared of clouds?

  16. Terry Ram

    Condensed water doesn’t hang around, WTF is a cloud then?

    Seriously you fuckheads are doing nothing to help any cause for? the environment.You distract other dumb people into thinking the government is responsible for everything from respiratory problems, bee decline, cancers etc all the while you same wacko’s are driving around in your old heap of shit cars,spraying household chemicals and eating shit food…Common sense? You have none, in-fact you have no sense at all!

  17. stgnsw

    If you can`t tell the difference between the two,try looking into it.
    Condensed water doesn`t hang around for the day? as these do.
    I live in Sydney & always see them !
    The problem with people these days is they have no common sense !

  18. Jake McIntosh

    use can all bitch about this as much as you want but what are use going to do about it? i honestly think that all these clouds are fucked up i live in adelaide and theres crazy amounts flying through the sky none stop! use all are saying wake up but unless everyone starts doing something you may aswell be as useful as a person that is ignorant to the topic and believe its, “normal trails”. i completely agree with the people saying this shit is not normal but actions speak louder then words..?


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