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  1. ChrisArcen

    These are just persistent contrails and they have been around since the 30s and we see more of them today because of massive increase in air traffic!

    The patterns are caused because planes have to fly along flight paths set by beacons like cars on a road, when two of these flight paths intersect a crisscross pattern will be formed by the contrails.




  2. MartinHDJ

    @Andywestcountry Radar altitude lies.

    I see spraying at alto cumulus level, less than 20,000 feet.

    According to science contrails form at 25,000 feet upwards.

    It’s so obvious.

    Great videos mate.

  3. mjcuracao

    Study Some More!

    You have to much time to do nothing!!

    Chem Shit My Ass!!
    Yes they Spray! They Spray so much!!
    But they Spray Invisible Dust!!!

    Now You See The Real Dust!!!!
    First on US Soil, then on the rest of the World.


  4. KoSTaRiaN

    entometaksi fainete kai oti exei ena mikro keno apo ton kinitira to trail giati thelei kapoia klasmata na pagosei kai na asprisei. Dn ksekinane oi oures oi aspres apo tin koilia h apo opoudipote allou mporei na vgainoun ta aeria. Kai esas akoma sas paramithiazei o kathe liakopoulos kai exei kanei periousies.. E re ethnos anepanalipto!!

  5. KoSTaRiaN

    re magkes den eiste me ta kala sas. Oi idioi me ta video sas apodikniete to profanes. Oti fisika oles oi grammes ofeilonte stis apotomes allages ton aerion ston aera apo ta idia ta aeroplana. sta alla video pou exei dio kinitires to aeroplano vgainoun dio grammes. sayto to video pou exei 4 kinitires to aeroplana vgainoun 4 grammes. ma apo fisikh den exete idea?? tpt gri? O kinitiras exei thrmokrasia kati ekatontades vathmous kai ekei pano o aeras einai sto meion toso. zestenaite pagonei asprizei

  6. wiricutaman09

    We are forming a group in Facebook: CHEMTRAILS We have posted this video, and would like to invite you to participate
    Thank you

  7. NeoGabriel08

    tks !
    For those who don’t already know :
    The chemtrails are the preparation phase for the NASA Blue Beam Project.
    You should investigate if you want to understand what happens.

  8. Andywestcountry

    @paris1810 I have noticed over several hundred times linking planes with radar websites that 100% so far the planes not on those websites are leaving long persistent CHEMTRAILS and the passenger planes on those sites are NOT despite being in the same bit of sky and roughly the same height usually 28k to 38kft

  9. paris1810

    Have u also noticed that the number of the so called ”chem trails” is exacly the same with the number of the engines that the aircraft has (1, 2 or 4) and only jet engines (and not turboprop) create this kind of cloud ???

  10. paris1810

    Ha,ha!!! Have u ever heard words such as ”humidity” , ”atmosphere pressure” and ”temperature difference between the hot engine gas (1472 F) and the atmosphere (-22 F) in such altitude” ?

  11. star1876

    chemtrails are a total fake. why would the illuminati kill off their financial slave base. pay attention folks. there a real conspiracies out there. please dont fall prey to these weirdos. help us stop the real enemies…..

  12. krispykreme82603

    it wasnt so much an insult as it was your inability to form a recognizable sentence.

    and i think you dont realize how economical jets are. the gallon per seat mile in a jet is far less than what would be in a car. for example, lets say a jet with 250 people flies from LAX to JFK, it would burn only 70% of the fuel than all the cars it would take to transport those families and individuals between the same two cities all combined


    Your so blind you don’t even know your diss comment on my initial statement was the first insult. Wow, contrail conspiracy eh? jet waste over cities is massive un-called for chemical waste you breath too at the least. While commercial flight sales drop these flights increase. I have built plenty of plane parts, your stuck in an illusion.

  14. krispykreme82603

    someone tell me in the first shot in this video, if it really is a chemtrail, why is it forming like a contrail, released from the engines and invisible to the naked eye until 100 feet aft of the engine nozzle. wouldnt your so called “chemtrails” be released from special outlets becoming visible immediately?


    nobody that believes in chemtrails has taken any sort of aviation class like i have, or else they would know how stupid they sound

  15. krispykreme82603

    wow your entire last comment consists of nothing but insults. are you trying to debate the topic or do you just enjoy being an asshole?


    Sorry I assumed you were mentally challenged. Your position on this will soon be that of the flat earth believers so I know your upset. LOL! Try commenting on other video’s where you can prove what your saying.

  17. krispykreme82603

    form complete sentences that make sense and i will try and respond to whatever point you are trying to make here.


    Lame have them in all conditions. Jet engines pass litres of unburnt fuel hardly 100% more like 60-70 if that so poison hydro carbons at the least. Tell us an orange is actually a watermelon better chance convincing folks of that. LOL!

  19. krispykreme82603

    contrails are made up of mostly water vapor, not really as polluting as everyone screams about


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