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  1. emperorzong

    Evidence? Nope!


    Besides you breath the same air as me, drink the same water, and eat commercial crops, so if your delusion were true, then you too would be braindamaged.

    In fact you are braindamaged, by watching to mych bullshit on the net. Sheeple.

  2. emperorzong

    You are disturbed and a real danger to yourself and others. Don’t you understand that believing in this crap distracts from the real evils governments are doing.

  3. emperorzong

    You don’t know the difference between a hypothesis and evidence.

    Your are a prime example of confirmation bias.

  4. dinobambino82

    @AntiRacismAndHateCom So you to are close mined like most all in the world. I was with you to until I Learned to see it for my own eyes. I found out how to see it with my naked eyes. And you would not believe it. Straight out of a si-fi movie. can you say nanotecknolgy. I can now after I have seen it for my own eyes.

  5. AntiRacismAndHateCom

    @FreeTruthShow Dude, clean burning fuel creates more water in the atmosphere. If they were spraying toxins, why is it that we are not dead. All you see are clouds made of water. The Military uses C12H26 (JP-8) as Jet fuel. When it burns and combines with air, it forms 12CO2 and 13H2O. That much water being put in the atmosphere creates a cloud so long as the temperatures and dew point is low enough. That is why their are days that no clouds form.

  6. FreeTruthShow

    @AntiRacismAndHateCom I know it’s very hard to accept that this is being done to people. I am 40 years old. I remember a time when huge streaks of white from military unmarked jets did not cause clear blue skies to become cloudy. When a canadian m.p. asked about the spraying in parliament is told they cannot discuss it under any circumstances, what does that say? When the Canadian airforce say that it’s not their air force doing it. The people around the world need honest scientists.

  7. AntiRacismAndHateCom

    @FreeTruthShow You want me to help when their is NO EVIDENCE. A cloud produced by water and the finding of a very common naturally occurring element is not proof of anything.

  8. FreeTruthShow

    @AntiRacismAndHateCom WORLD ANTI CHEMTRAIL DAY 20th November 2010 thanks for reply , i’m about done with you. i can usually spot them before i get pulled into a distraction technique. Don’t engage with me if you’re worried about upsetting your lecturers/peers.
    You really think I want to go out filming, endanger my health further. No, I have a duty to inform the public of the tonnes of toxic spraying nearly every day here. We don’t need to argue. I ask that you do the research & help people.

  9. AntiRacismAndHateCom

    @FreeTruthShow I look up and see water vapor. Also, Aluminum is the most abundant element on the earths crust so duh you found some. As for barium, it is not possible for you to find that because the second it hits air, it reacts. However compounds with it like BaSO4, BaCO3, etc are very easy to find. So finding those elements/compounds doesn’t prove a thing. Pick up a Chemistry book for God’s sake.

  10. FreeTruthShow

    @AntiRacismAndHateCom take a sample after a days spraying and you will find plenty of aluminium, barium. if you are happy being sprayed with all this crap I am not. ask your chemistry teacher about chemtrails and he’ll probably won’t even answer you. LOOK UP MOST DAYS . There is your evidence

  11. AntiRacismAndHateCom

    @FreeTruthShow You are the one that is misinformed. When you have taken as many chemistry classes as I have, you would know that water forms a cloud in the atmosphere. You are the one who buys a bunch of bull with no evidence.

  12. FreeTruthShow

    @AntiRacismAndHateCom bull !! CHEMTRAILS ARE A REAL DANGER. You are disturbingly misinformed or or worse. Which is it?

  13. vhsjvc

    These mental cases who deny the killer spray are called to explain the “on” “off” patterns that dot the sky??? You homo’s! I’ll kick your fckn asses!

  14. vhsjvc

    @escueladeleyi Listen, you clown, you have no courage! What have YOU ever done for your country? I wonder? I’m a Temple Dental grad! Cost me $300,000. IMHO you are taking some form of psyco meds and i bet you smoke. Also, you had an abusive chilhood, You hate your parents, and you are disgusted by sex, you believe in horoscopes and actually act on what they say, you are a recluse with a masturbation complex, and you proly drink pepsi, also, you like sticking your fingers in your ass and smelling


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