Chemtrails all around the world

Chemtrails in Holland Maart 2008 Above Vianen Stop Chemtrails Nu! Wij, Dit is een Burgerinitiatief om 40.000 handtekeningen te verzamelen om het sproeien van Chemtrails op de agenda van de samenleving en de Tweede Kamer te zetten. Suport Us Merry Meet Sky Watcher Please copy this video Check out Global Skywatchers on Global Illumination Council Anti-chemtrail clip!Chemtrails all around the world Get active! Demand answers! Protect yourselves and your families! Educate yourselves before it is too late! Chemtrails are being used to help spread scalar waves around the Earth. Google “Scalar Weapons” and you will see many links for this technology. This website is the official chemtrail alert system. The very first one backed by a meteorologist that knows they exist. Why are they spraying? Help form the largest worldwide campaign in spreading the word. A store will be opening soon to spread this site through bumper stickers, shirts, and anything you can think of. Or look at this site RSOE Alert U will find what real is. Epidemic Hazard Aggressive combat warfare is occurring in the sky over the world look at Drought Monitor, For more information on the Drought Impact Reporter Maby u can check this out Please research for yourself for more proof. Here are a few leads: Google for Amy Worthington who has written many excellent and informative articles. Google “Strange days, strange skies

25 thoughts on “Chemtrails all around the world

  1. laminarwing

    @jeanmaxkortex : “the rest is true”…. t’es français toi je parie ^^ rest en anglais ne signifie absolument pas reste en français ^^

    Et à propos du reste en question, il n’est que le produit de ton ignorance, ça n’a strictement rien à voir avec des “machines à chemtrails” ^^

    Mais bon, tu as fait une partie du chemin avec l’a380, continue avec le ….. reste .

  2. laminarwing

    @G4RZFZ1 : man …………… you should …. relax, and …. really, REALLY …. take one or 2 lessons in meteorology and aeronautic navigation …..
    It’s clear that you know .. nothing in meteo, nothing in aerology and … nothing in aviation .

  3. laminarwing

    Excuse me Sir but your video shows contrails. I’m a pilot and I can give you answers to your photos. Have a bit knowledge in meteorology and you will understand .
    And please … don’t suppress my comment because I don’t say this is “chemtrails” things …

  4. beachcomber2008

    @G4RZFZ1 You’re the one that’s lying
    Any reference book on the atmosphere will tell you that you live in the troposphere and planes fly in the stratosphere
    The first is warm and unstable (you see cumulus clouds)
    The second is COLD, stable and layered and may not even have the same heading
    All these words that have no meaning for you should tell you that you know too little to pass comment on the atmosphere
    You may have seen it all your life, but that doesn’r mean you understand it

  5. LiteWaiter

    If Monsanto has engineered seeds that are resistant to aluminum, and it’s aluminum they’re spraying in chemtrails, what does that tell you?

    If Monsanto produces the worlds largest pesticide “Round Up” and ALSO produces genetically engineered seeds that are resistant to “Round Up”, what does that tell you?

    /watch?v =te_FOsKL_5Q

  6. G4RZFZ1

    11.13.10 Did no aircraft fly on that day between New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Baltimore & W.D.C ????? Because I did not see persistent contrails/ chemtrails. I saw blue sky….CLEAR BLUE SKY!!!!!!!! Duh, Duh, Duh, WE ARE BEING SPRAYED WITH DEATH, A SLOW METALLIC DEATH coming from the sky!!! CD: What in the world are they spraying. Well one substance is aluminum. Asbestoes is very small 2 to 3 microns. The aluminum sprayed ( Mega Tons) is of sub micron size! you inhale it TOXIC, in you 4 ever

  7. G4RZFZ1

    Yesterday 11.14.10, over NJ they sprayed CHEMTRAILS all day. From sun up to sun down. During this same time period normal contrails were visible also. The people who are tasked with disputing chemtrails say that it is just atmospheric conditions causing persistent contrails. But why on the same day in the same sky would you see both. You wouldn’t. It is a lie and illogical to think they are the same. On 11.13.10 over the same skies of NJ there were no CHEMTRAILS. The sky was clear.

  8. beachcomber2008

    These statements are all easily and independently verifiable, except ice proportions, which you can find at jazzroc. wordpress. com

    All aircraft trails are definitely contrails. And this is why
    Burning kerosine makes an equal amount of water
    All long-distance planes cruise in the stratosphere which is stable and clear most all the time – except when it sometimes holds visible ice crystals in cirrus clouds
    The stratosphere can hold in supersaturation (only when very clean!)

  9. beachcomber2008

    an excess of water as vapor
    This excess can boost the density of the trail by up to 10,000 times
    So 10,000 times as much ICE as the engines make by burning kerosine may be visible to you
    So all aircraft trails are DEFINITELY CONTRAILS

    All aircraft trails are definitely not “chemtrails”
    The gap between engine and trail evidences the invisible exhaust vapors and gases emitted by the engines
    Metals don’t make invisible vapors – in fact they’re used in fireworks

  10. beachcomber2008

    So there are no metals of any kind in the exhaust
    So there is NEITHER aluminum NOR barium present in ANY TRAIL, because trails ALWAYS begin with a GAP
    ANY organic material WILL burn in a jet flame at 2000 degrees to produce that GAP, for carbon dioxide (invisible) and steam (invisible) is what they MUST make
    No metals. No organics. Just spent fuel and air
    So all aircraft trails are DEFINITELY NOT “CHEMTRAILS”

  11. LiteWaiter

    Is the UN banning chemtrails? NO.

    The issue is not about banning chemtrails; It’s about who is legally IN CONTROL: the United Nations. LEGAL CONTROL (legal control) Capiche?

    And then think about this: The 5 largest arms suppliers are the same as the 5 permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

  12. jamesa4050

    very nice music.
    if you have 90 minutes to spare there is a free video entitled: “what in the world are they spraying?” you may want to see.
    a connection is made between aluminum particles sprayed and environmental damage.
    if it is true that this is part of a profit and control program of the corporatocracy then the official “solution to the problem” would be patent #7582809 for aluminum resistant gene developed at cornell university to be used in GMO foods.
    i’m not saying this is proof.

  13. fods202


  14. Pilingolandia

    @piggypolice I guess they would call them “Jumbo Jet” when they talk with “normal” people =P because you tell someone that knows nothing about airplanes “Boeing 747” and they don’t know what you are talking about, even if you explain them you have to go with “It’s a Jumbo Jet” for them to understand XD

  15. Pilingolandia

    Wow you are so fucking stupid, this are called contrails, and they are fromed of water which is compressed in the air by turboprop airplanes, they only form under specific circumstances (temperature, humidity and altitude) that’s why you just see them in a located place like in the pictures, but come on!!!! all this pics are exhausts or aerodinamic pieces, or navigational aid equipment. DON’T TALK BULLSHIT IF YOU DON’T KNOW YOU FUCKTARDS!!

  16. hovertrain7

    @MeBest777 You are one uneducated fool if you think that the purpose of laws is to benefit the rich. Laws are made as part of a “social contract”…go take some classes or google that phrase… it means that the majority of a society agree to give up some of their rights in order to be assured of other rights. Thomas Hobbes. That’s why there are international and national rules that prohibit things like loading up an airplane and raining toxic chemicals down on innocent people. UNLAWFUL.


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