Chemtrails and Evergreen Air In Pinal County Arizona Exposed – Chemtrail OPERATIONS

Evergreen Air In Pinal country Arizona Former Secret Chemtrail Facility Revealed, Evergreen Air Secret Presidential Chemtrail Budget Uncovered, Congress Exceeds Billions To Spray Populace Like Roaches Evergreen Aviation Admits to Chemtrail Contracts with USAF Loose Lips Sink Ships and 747s Too Evergreen Air and The Gulf Of Mexico Evergreen Air is dropping chemicals over the oil spill Toxic Levels Of Barium And Aluminum Found In Several Mohave County Arizona Residents Original Video FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 USC section 106A-117 of the US Copyright Law.

25 thoughts on “Chemtrails and Evergreen Air In Pinal County Arizona Exposed – Chemtrail OPERATIONS

  1. MAN2011ism

    The “Employees” of this place need to be imprisoned until deprogrammed! Those who planned all this deserve the firing squad! Period! Murdering Mercenary Fuckers and their Satanic sel proclaimed “Elite” Scuminati!

  2. CashWatkins

    What happens when all of the world leaders are shown outside? Do they have built in filters in their fucking noses?

  3. loveofbirds

    The question I have is how are the elite now being effected by what they having sprayed on us. They must be aliens if this does not effect them it’s quite disturbing and puzzling to me at the same time. I wonder if anyone else wonders same thing?

  4. 1316wmed

    government contractor funding agendas are hard to cancell or expose due to breaching security issues.

  5. MrELF420

    They have an article on these nanotech particles in the popular science black ops magazine dated September 2010 these nanotech particles can track and spy on you as well as be used react with your biochemistry. We need to press charges.

  6. Mcclain718

    Can you possibly SLOW down your narrative by, I don’t know, half a minute and repost?? I can read pretty fast but this is crazy! I would like to be able to read your narrative AND see what you have on the video! Thanks so much! Sorry, just a suggestion.

  7. watcher0777

    stopped at 5:48, the place where one is expected to believe that the use of a gallon of gasoline produces 19.4 POUNDS of co2, yeah and whatever your smoking keep doing it so the effects will eliminate the chem trails in your life. that’s because you won’t even notice. serious subject and now were all stupid? intel? not hardly, a gallon of gas doesn’t even weigh 19 pounds so your really stupid to think you can weigh a gas as in a gas not a liquid and come up with 19 pounds. morons!

  8. zeusenergy

    Thought-provoking to say the least. Thanks for your hard work and time Bob. Love the radio show, you are doing great solo. And Shep is doing some interesting work too, with the sun location irregularity. It’s definately to far to the north in New england. Rises to the northeast. It would be interesting to see what australia is experiencing, too far to the north for them, less daylight?

  9. hypnofan35

    There are two kind of large secrets: One is space orbs are hollow, but not by NASA’s logic. You would probably want to believe NASA. If they don’t tell the truth it means: There is a hierarchal agenda and you don’t need to know which means status come before your survival, or you might be expendible. You are valuable in a general sense if you burn fuel in the proscribed manner. Try not to make it too painful!!. They are trying to fix it at your expense.

  10. MakkIsLooking

    ht tp://coupmedia. org/arial-spraying/evergreen-aviation-admits-to-chemtrail-contracts-with-usaf-1401

    2 spaces added in the link so could post entire link here.

    If that link only goes to webpage use the search box at that website for “evergreen usaf” and you’ll get one hit – the above link.

  11. hypnofan35

    Chemicals? They are spraying some stuff. They aren’t telling you what or why. Plan on dying sooner rather than later. It’s a class or status kind of thing. Just remember you don’t belong and are not in charge. The people who are doing thiis belong to a hierarchy and are collecting checks. The basic hierarchal or NAZI mind. Only following orders. They are all following orders. In their defence, it is hard to know if; there even is truth while following orders.

  12. NotForSale2NWO


    I agree that it is definitely for something more than just global warming. With that being said global warming, along with the need to stop solar radiation, is being used to justify geoengineering.

    Man made global warming caused by carbon is an absolute hoax which they use to justify the need to study and implement(they obviously already have) Geo Engineering/chemtrails operations

  13. c4mp3r0r

    what can YOU do to STOP this NWO crime? spread ORGONITE in your area! bury small 3oz 5$ orgone devices called Towerbuster at all cellphone antennas in your area and SEE THE EFFECTS! research: Orgonite, Don Croft, Wilhelm Reich

  14. synthetictelepathy2

    My computer shut down, got back on but I’m definitely on the watch list, computer is acting weird,nothing new here! Fuck these bastards, when trying to post the links to this on facebook, the spam message can’t do all that!

  15. synthetictelepathy2

    My computer shut down, got back on but I’m definitely on the watch list, computer is acting weird,nothing new here! Fuck these bastards, when trying to post the links to this on facebook.

  16. loveandsolidarity

    if you, or whoever originally created this video is suggesting that they’re doing this to combat global warming I’d say it’s definitely for something other than that considering climate change isn’t caused by us. The globalists bank on higher temps because the hotter it gets the more $ we coin out for carbon taxes. It’s a big hoax.

  17. reebok3d

    great vid!!!!

    i cant stand these guys spraying us,
    they need to stop!

    i hope they dont take this vid down…

  18. LadyStonecut

    I had heard they were in Utah. Is that another facility? Maybe they have a few?
    Great job. Thanks for this!

  19. briankofke

    Sneak out there in the middle of the night with a shit ton of flyers stating what this crap is doing to the planet and the people, throw them all over the fence on all 4 corners, bring a camera, and friends hiding at all four corners with their cameras WATHCING YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS as well for safety. Be peaceful and take the litter charge, I am sure a jury of your peers would love this info. By the way, for legal purposes, I only state this comment as satire. Peace.


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