25 thoughts on “Chemtrails and HAARP Revealed!

  1. Cutie9326

    4:36 to 4:40 (full screen). That’s a fallen angel… There’s definitely demonic activity at work there… The freemassons are running HAARP and they are satanists…

  2. Cutie9326

    The Bible prophecies and the signs of apocalypse are all coming true. The end of times is near. Repent for your sins and swear obediance and loyalty to God before It’s too late. If you do that, you’ll be saved. If you don’t, you’ll be cast in the fires of hell and you’ll be stuck there for all eternity. I am one? of God’s Watchmen and you have been warned…

  3. HoneyBoy69

    hmm why is t.v showing stuff like this?
    i never trust the t.v but lately t.v. allowing some conspiracy stuff come out
    but hey I bet you wont have t.v. talking about the satanic side in conspiracys

  4. uturniaphobic

    I can’t believe I worked my ASS off for so many years just to be taxed and pay for these freak’s sick agenda…It’s like if you want to live and eat food you will support our agendas. aka slave

  5. stillnessONtheWAY

    You said it my friend. SIDE EFFECTS.
    They are playing god/nature without knowing the consequences. Its sick.

  6. stillnessONtheWAY

    I know… stop outsourcing your thinking to the controlled media and government. Think critically and think for yourself.
    These people are using “Global Warming” as an excuse to induce their geoengineering plans on us.

  7. 33rdPatriot

    There’s NO WAY History Channel, totally controlled media, released this. The “H” logo must be a total hoax or joke. Bet on it.

  8. MaTtRoSiTy

    Thankyou for your comment – I agree, they cant control all the consequences of what they are doing to our planet – the thing that is really concerning is that it is very obvious they display all of the traits of true psychopaths. Its a horrific these people are in power when they have no human conscience – peace to all us real humans!

  9. kecola

    @MaTtRoSiTy And now the earthquake in Chile and not to mention the crazy weather this winter in the US. Snow on the ground in 49 states at ONE time. Using HAARP is effing up the atmosphere and climate. Everything has side effects that even those evil bastards can’t control. God bless us all!


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