Chemtrails and HAARP Technology 101 for Dummies **w/ UPDATED HAARP LOCATIONS**

Soundtrack: Pink Floyd – ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ – Syd Barrett Tribute I dedicate this video, that was produced in cooperation with numerous Lightworkers around the world, to my late brother, Henry Jr. who passed away while working as a diplomat with the State Department nearly 20 years ago and also to my parents Henry Sr. and Virginia who are now once again with him. “Congress is not preparing to defend the people of the United States. It is planning to protect the capital of American speculators and investors. Incidentally this preparation will benefit the manufacturers of munitions and war machines. Strike against war, for without you no battles can be fought! Strike against manufacturing shrapnel and gas bombs and all other tools of murder! Strike against preparedness that means death and misery to millions of human beings! Be not dumb, obedient slaves in an army of destruction! Be heroes in an army of construction!” ~ Helen Keller at Carnegie Hall January 5, 1916 ”In the time your planet and people need you most….will you stand up for the Light and for God, or be silent and immobile and thus, stand with satan and allow atrocities against humanity to continue because you didn’t want your illusionary life to be disturbed or inconvenienced?” – Dieter Braun ‘Government ADMITS to secretly SPRAYING POISON on us’ Please check out this YouTube channel for information on Morgellon’s disease, a nanotechnology/biowarfare hazard spread through chemtrails

25 thoughts on “Chemtrails and HAARP Technology 101 for Dummies **w/ UPDATED HAARP LOCATIONS**

  1. PawSoxMom

    Barium is nasty, positive charge and very conductive, makes you feel anxious, depressed and cuts the lungs with knife like nano particles.

  2. PawSoxMom

    Chemtrails can only hurt you if you let them. It’s all about self mastering your divine self. We do this with our knowledge of what we know to be truth. I tried to go to churches but they have all become synagogues of satan telling me I have to believe in cancer more than the power of My God so I pray for them. Same as someone telling me I have to believe in the power of chemtrails. I believe in Christ energy flowing into everything for that is what I am being filled with.

  3. PawSoxMom

    @jahjahVideo I am so sorry. My mom was an RH-. You are 15% of the population that are the missing link, not the other 85% of us. You seem to suffer specific health issues sometimes too. RH stands for ”rhesus hemoglobin” and when your blood is minus the rhesus monkey hemoglobin factor you have no trace of having evolved from an ape which may mean we should have been looking up the whole time!

    Ooops! Isn’t that what we did before radio and TV and movies and a society of excess? Think ancients!

  4. PawSoxMom

    @Because it is a conspiracy by the ruling elite who sold their souls. It’s prophesied in Scripture. I stand in the Light of the Anointed One by speaking the truth. Love is the answer. The evil cabal will not reign over the Great Mother Earth and the followers of His ways much longer. This has always been the realm of the devil since the fall of Atlantis. That is what the Secret Societies are about. They prosper by sacrificing the common man’s power/lives that they trick us in to giving up.

  5. PawSoxMom

    Good Lord! I was born blond. I think I just deleted ubuibme24’s awesome comment. I am YouTube impaired. This vid is truly a miracle coming from me! lol…

  6. PawSoxMom

    @ubuibme24 That is quite a compliment, but my fingers did all of the work. I just sat there for 3 1/2 days sleeping a few hours at a time. A few people called that channeling, I just think it was amazing and had been asking to do something to help people wake up to the truth; albeit a very ugly one. People are waking up exponentially so keep circulating any vid that you think may help. This is just one many repercussions of a ruling class gone wild! 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB! … MONSANTO GMO’s …

  7. shesjupiter

    Brilliant presentation ! Thank YOU PawSoxMom and to you ubuibme for throwing this my way! Grace is yours.

  8. PawSoxMom

    NATO nations led by the good ol’ USA just tried to sink the whole nation of Japan with HAARP technology. They caused the earthquakes in Haiti and Chili last year too in the same fashion.

  9. ubuibme24

    @PawSoxMom I am really into “Where have all the blue skies gone/? ” at the moment …but then I guess everyone who likes Pink Floyd is and it gets kinda overdone to some— but not to me!
    That was the best video I have ever seen for putting the info together and educating AND holding the interest!!!!!!

  10. PawSoxMom

    @ChemTrailSkys The ruling class have aligned themselves with nephalim or fallen angels and always have. They are decedents of Cain who was not the product of Adam and Eve, but of Lucifer and Eve. That was the original sin, not biting in to an apple. Religions are false, although there are many good souls who work and follow them. Christ said to follow him, not religions. The Roman Empire never fell, they just morphed in to the Vatican and the emperor is now called the pope.

  11. ChemTrailSkys

    5*****s “Domestic Terrorism”!
    When you WATCH them turn the Contrail ON & turn the Contrail OFF….its NOT A NORMAL CONTRAIL! ChemTrails are 100% FAKE !
    The Bluish ChemTrail Spraying is the Chemical Thallium…The Grey is Barium…etc
    A Contrail is very Rare! Not every Jet in the SKY should be Spraying Contrails…Impossible for a “ChemTrail”…Love the Music!

  12. PawSoxMom

    @aussiegirlonamission You’re very welcome. You should post your vid, ‘IS THIS H.A.A.R.P ??’ in response. Perhaps you did already and I messed up accepting it as such. I am still learning to work with the YT server. I watched your vid and posted it on FB too and everyone who saw it and studies the topic agrees; what you have presented indeed looks like HAARP signature waves. Many commented that they are sending their vibrations of love and prayers to our brothers and sisters Down Under. <3

  13. PawSoxMom

    @TrackMeNWO Oh well! I love Pink Floyd and this song and thought it was a good soundtrack for this vid. I’m just trying to educate people to what is happening, not win a Grammy. The song is a tribute to the late Syd Barrett, one of the bands founding members. I do agree though that some of the vids I have watched here on YT and elsewhere have some pretty dramatic audio tracks that can stir up some less than attractive emotions.

  14. TrackMeNWO

    Thanks very much for the video. But the audio SUCKS!!! God purge me of such poop-covered melody. Eloquence and melody are two different things!! Put the G.D. lyrics to some effective sound. Do you want me to be crying through the whole thing? You are just doing words on screen, so you – really – need some groove to keep the dumb viewer’s attention. Check-out how the Op Troj Horse flick, Denver segment, grooves. But thanks, again, for the info presented!

  15. PawSoxMom

    @XtalQRP How do you know my background and what I understand and do not? You do not . And the US government as well as others are notorious for misrepresention and outright lying. Fact is that the NATO nations of this world led by the US are meddling with weather warfare and have been since the 1960’s. The US government ran ‘Operation Popeye’ during the Viet Nam war and only admitted it when top secret documents were leaked. I suppose you think Osama bin Laden was behind 9/11 as well! NOT!!!

  16. XtalQRP

    In addition, most of the “HAARP” sites listed are meterological stations e.g. NERC MST, UK. This is a wind profile radar that operates at 46.5 Mhz – very different in technology and emmission to HAARP. AM broadcast stations on MF and LF use similar powers and frequency bands to HAARP (e.g. 1-2.5 MW at up to 1.7Mhz) yet are not accused of causing earthquakes or changing the weather: why? Because your theory has no basis in facts but on technology you don’t understand? Regards, Rob/M6GLD

  17. XtalQRP

    How can you state that a contrail with dissipitate in a few minutes?? This is self evidently complete bunk: atmospheric conditions at any given location will vary by altitude on a constant basis. We can see this in the stratiphication of cloud formation – it varies according to wind, air pressure, temperature and humidity. The same processes govern contrail formation so it is to be expected that some last longer or take on a different appearance to others. Why invoke a conspiracy?


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