Chemtrails áno? – nie?

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23 thoughts on “Chemtrails áno? – nie?

  1. soifong12100

    Dneska zase… P?es ty jedovaté ?áry už ani nejde vid?t Slunce… Já osobn? jevím známky kontaminace… No? to m? poser!

  2. soifong12100

    Ten zvuk – soundtrack filmu Buddha, bees and the giant hornet queen? Jinak u nás te? je toho plné nebe :-(… Už to je hodina a je? to tam po?ád vid?t…

  3. pedro4077

    Truely frightening, this post needs millions of hits, but the dumbed down? society would rather watch “leave Britney alone ect”, watching a video like this would hurt their brain.


    the 1st plane in the vid is a fire fighter. State of the art and has the largest product cap…24K gals. With a dump length of 25K feet… around 5 miles. A far cry from crossing? the entire sky and then some… as most chem tankers do.
    Im sure the gov has something bigger, but not a few dozen battle ships, that it would take to do the job.


    Awesome vid…
    Can’t say enough about it… and the view count has jumped up 1700 in the past 3 months…!!!!
    Best Holiday Wises to you? and yours.
    Take Care,

  6. ebendimention

    This is the best vid Ive seen. madmod72 is showing it as well. Thanks Lou for pointing me to the original. -Sweet.

    As anyone can see, These craft go Straight up and then level out. Follow the lines. They are either:

    A) Projected by the front orb
    B)? Is a holographic Triangle craft.

    Clearly anti-grav, and holographic tech

    Watch SAMsungs New JET! Its no coincidence that they call this mobile phone the ‘JET’ with holographic displays….

    Highly concerns me for future false flag alien attacks

  7. rainbarlow

    some do, some not.
    watched the same in germany.
    thanks? for uploading, added to my favorites.

    very good video 5*s!

  8. surferpeteinspace

    That was interesting.

    Puts a new perspective on it with the maps. I wonder if that is how they saw it.

    Hey, here is? cool music video-doco on Chemtrails check it out :

  9. fawkesfiles

    Great video, thanks for using some of my footage at the end. Glad to see people are starting to really take a look at whats up in the sky and? ask…” Is this normal?”

  10. kuradko

    Diky za zkvele video. Dnes se v Ostrave mohutne sprejuje, je to hnus. Chemtrails are REAL! Nad nasimi hlavami se? deje snad nejvetsi genocida v lidske historii.

  11. mrkvaa

    Tieto zvlastne ukazy pozorujem uz aj na Slovensku. Je naozaj podivne, ak lietadlu v polovici oblohy “na chvilu” vynechaju prudove motory (akoby sa zachrchlal motor :-) )… ? Alebo z dvoch letiacich lietadiel vedla seba jedno lietadlo prudove motory “asi nema v prevadzke.” (setria palivom?)Podivne…

  12. ramusling

    Vdaka!!! Kazdy rozumny clovek musi vidiet, ze nieco nieje v poriadku. Toto nemozu byt normalne vodne contrails. V Ceskej republike? sa to deje stale hustsie. Pozri na chemtrails over city, Czech Republic. Takto to vyzera aj na inymy mestami stale castejsie. Nikto sa na nic nepita. Prepacte mi moju slovencinu. :-)


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