I believe chemtrails are killing the bees… as well as causing HUMAN SUFFERING AND DISEASE. According to Wikipedia, Scotland has so far escaped the bees disappearing. Chemtrails are rarely if ever observed in Scotland or Dubai unlike other areas of the globe. If we can demonstrate a firm connection or correlation between the dying off of honey bees and chemtrails (or towers), it may help in learning the truth about this global tragedy. DontSprayMeBro writes: “i have no trails filmed in scotland, and i have them from all over the “free” world on my channel. also, none in dubai…go figure. although in dubai, the architectural renderings of the glorious new skyscrapers feature artist rendered chemtrails.” Also, “you can go to my site and look, favorites section probably around the last two or three pages. you can google dubai construction. and i have nada from scotland, but i do have ireland, and a trainload from all over england and the rest of the eu.. as far as i know, you can quote me!” BARDOFELY writes: “I live in Tenerife and we have only had a small amount of CTs in comparison with the UK, US etc and yes bees are still OK here! there is a SETI site I found saying their main navigation tools are 1. sunlight and 2 uv rays both of which are cut by CTs! My logic says CTs kill bees! KABSTER writes: “I think the cell towers are killing the bees. Where we ride our dirt bikes in the mountains of Southern California there used to be numerous bee hives. Every

25 thoughts on “CHEMTRAILS are KILLING the HONEYBEES

  1. riceburnagtv

    For god damn sake, will you chemtrailers stop spreading such indiscriminate BULLSHIT! You are not helping anything by trying to link every freeking cold, flu, species decline, disease and weather change to “chemtrails”! BEES ARE? DECLINING BECAUSE WE ARE USING TOO MANY CHEMICALS AROUND OUR OWN HOMES! Get it? It is US, WE ARE THE PROBLEM! Stop blaming imaginary shit in the sky and then go and spray a fly with fly spray,don’t spray weed spray and say damn those chemtrails killing our bees,ITS US!

  2. MarkProffitt

    Permaculture / organic beekeepers are not having experiencing Colony Collapse Disorder that industrial beekeepers are experiencing. So the problem is not chemtrails which would effect all bees? in the same area.


  3. deadreck024

    Legalize hemp!!!Clean the air increase oxygen.There seeds are a super food no? bees needed to pollinate them.Stop big oil and lumber!!!

  4. Tyffonk

    In an episode of the Simpsons, it looks like two fighter jets fly in the sky leaving a chemtrail, which kills bees to descend to earth, which did not fit in any way in the episode. I looked for? this episode on youtube but can not find anything, I’ll have to get to download the series and look to share

  5. 74drat

    @camokbear1 was I the only one? to notice the oil spill in the gulf of mexico? the view from the sky looked as if the sea turn the clor of blood. the earth is bleeding so god please save us from us

  6. vermontapple

    Australia has not experienced Colony Collapse Disorder, and? they have THOUSANDS of “Chemtrails”

  7. hotsatsuma3

    Bees rely upon nature for nourishment. With mass use of pesticides and factory production in the ways bees are being exploited compounded by? GM crops is killing off the bees. Ironically inner city bee keeping shows a traditional level of production and good health. It would appear that city life and varying flowers and crops in urban areas give the bees the variety and nutrition to sustain better health than in the countryside. jsf 15 02 2011

  8. sinpros

    its the global elitests who want full control of the worlds food suply…and figure using chemtrails to kill of honeybees will give them the power they create? and distribute food to a smaller population after they get rid of 2/3 of us

  9. camokbear1

    4 species of north american? bees are almost toatally extinct this was on regular news 2 days ago. If the food supply is decreased world wide by say 10 to 25 % We all know the millitary, financial and geo political events that would follow. Buckle up every one it looks like a wild ride ahead.

  10. camokbear1

    @camokbear1 WE are being attacked on all fronts. Physical spraying and poisoning of humans, Mind control attacks everyday, Spirtuall attacks every day, Finnancial? attacks on the worlds people all of this has been p[laned for a long time they are implementing the final phase now. Pray for God`s plan for you. He will help you and show you your path. All of these events are for a reason god will show you your part in this whirlwind called the end times. Have no fear God bless you friend.

  11. camokbear1

    @nikkilovesdustie My friend Have you seen the reports today birds are dropping out of the sky like rain all over the earth and fish are washing up on the beach? like carpet in areas. Become as informed as possible. Inform others but remember many will not endure the the truth move on from them and find those that will.. Please watch some videos about mind control. Mind control is real and alive and well. Learn to reconize it. The truth will set you free. Contact me anytime with questions.

  12. nikkilovesdustie

    @camokbear1 yea between that and the extreme changes in the weather patterns. It is so frustrating! I care so much but I don’t know what? to do. What can we do?

  13. freedomdefender10

    Google Orgonite – Restores the earth’s MAGNETIC field.

    The earth’s magnetic field is what is being disrupted by cell towers.

    Use orgonite to restore bee colonies, clean the air, chemtrails and? restore the environment.

  14. deafinseattle1

    Bee shortages have been reported. I have now learned that corn sweetener has been used to feed bees, what? That some bee food, do they need to be fed? Anyway, I read that bee foods have corn sweeteners added as an extender, but that this has proven to cause reproductive problems in the bees. I should? be able to site a source, but you can look it up with yahoo.

  15. camokbear1

    @GeorgeDorn00023 We can`t all think of everything me included. I have just started learning about chemtrails. When I read? your comment it hit me like a brick. When they destroy the natural pollenaters the GM frankenstien foods will rule the earth. Of course it sounds insane. But the people that rule the earth are insane i am sure you noticed that too. Thank you for your insight God bless you.

  16. camokbear1

    Please send me your local chemtrail reports. 1. Pattern/checker board or straight lines. 2.Time of day. 3.City and area of the country. 3.How often/Is it random or every? day. 4.Are your bee colonies or bat populations dying. It appears that we are their test rats each area is sprayed very difforent. Thank? you for your help God bless you all. If I missed anything else relevant to your area send that too. I am from northen cal we have had almost no spraying for 3 months. What a great video.

  17. Txsray

    Blame the CFR and other globalist social engineers. It’s not an accident.
    They WANT to provoke disastrous food? shortages.
    It’s a way to make lots of money and bring entire populations under bondage.

  18. videocruzer

    if you remeber the canadian show called the Beach combers? it was around in the 70’s. you can see the SPDR webs were already started…. anything that blocks the UVB frequency from the sun causes you harm. just research the 76 UN treaty that says no country can modify any other countries weather. so if the paper was signed in 76? my guess would be its been happening for a while now.
    take your liquid D3 if you are a still getting sick.

  19. dbootsthediva

    Probably part of the reason but many believe also Wireless’s microwave frequencies n bees are affected worst. Because they are the size that the frequency of the? microwaves can react with most. They have three different types of iron in their bodies that help them navigate, they use the earth’s magnetic field to navigate, but the microwaves going through the bees, will remagnetise what they use for the earth’s magnetic field, so they are disorientated.

  20. jostvandyke2007

    Yes, because the asshole governments want us to eat ‘their’ genetically modified foods in? the future. I mean all that free food growing everywhere…where’s their profit in that?? I wouldn’t put anything past them…Its all about the ‘food/air deal’ as Bill Hicks once said..JVD

  21. mrmacsam

    yes i believe that chemtrails are a factor with killing off the honey bees? another smoking gun for bees and other pollenating insects dyeing off is the Genetically modified corn in which the pollen is poison to these insects,its called BT corn check it out made by Monsantoe(bad Company)

  22. iamjackalope

    @iamjackalope So the bees are just fine. They are just moving out to the country that’s? all. I have never seen so many bees in my whole life. If you want a real mystery to solve google “bird falls” or “dead birds fall from sky”. Are CTs causing it? Hard to say really. No proof either way.

  23. iamjackalope

    @iamjackalope I sealed it up tight but the whole tree is basically hollow and a new swarm of bees found a way in through a small hole further up the tree. Covering up the large opening made for an ideal place to build a hive. The count of swarms is now at 6. It? took less than a week for a swarm to find the opening after I sealed up the hole making it inhabitable.


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