chemtrails are KILLING US!!!

Hi this is my life with chemtrails this is real FIND OUT HOW THE NEW WORLD ORDER is poisoning us and what to do! Please go on my website EXTREMELIFECHANGER.COM And find more info on how they are controlling you and your family!!! GOD BLESS and peace to all!!

17 thoughts on “chemtrails are KILLING US!!!

  1. LucifersArms666

    @LucifersArms666 r u blind like literally or deff or something. their raising taxes on everything its not just on cigarettes its going on with everything. the Government and all those fucks are so greedy that 50 million or 1 billion w/e they make isnt enough just like all those stupid sports players. im not knockin sports but their just as greedy for money and their not helping ne thing either with the economy. so what your talking about IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN IN WELL AT LEAST YOUR LIFE TIME!

  2. LucifersArms666

    its very helpfull but the congress men anit going to jack because we aint jack to them they just want their money n no questions asked. if u all that have posted here really care as much as u sound y dont u go to college and learn how to make new airplanes and invent a hibread plane or something, if this is going to get fixed we the ppl will have to fix it. everyone else is to worried about that income so they can go coke out and get aids from a hooker.

  3. janettine

    I think we are all doomed. They have been spewing this stuff over Mallorca for some 5 years or more. Today, by 10.30 the blue sky had gone again after heavy spraying. All day we have had a huge rainbow round the sun when its been trying to break through. I have just had a strange virus and I have sinus problems which I never used to get. We need help and I am doing my best writing in the media but feel I shall get know where. We are being poisond and we are helpless unless we get them.

  4. Briefy09

    Its goto stop there are a set of bastards were getting blasted here in england weird as i saw about 100 jets flying over spraying then next day we have a foot of snow for the last 3 weeks the countrie is freezing these are coming from pipes on the wing tails etc everything you saying is true seeing it my self for last year cadium is yellow colour.Theres colours behind the clouds bumbing us down depopulalion pragrams.

  5. Mrdmr3332009

    their chemical contrails I’ve seen red tint in it…….the aluminum is to induce alzimers……..this has got to stop….down with the devil down with the illuminati praise God Seek out Jesus save your soul please it’s sad to see you people letting this happen to yourselfs……..don’t believe? your the ones we’re praying for…….

  6. waltermouthoh

    Try this: see the vids below w/ short quick “start/stops” on the Play btn. (best with tiltable screen too, like laptop). Do you see the “O waves” or “sky waves”? (copy the following in youtube search 2 watch thse vids):

    “Does Orgonite Eliminate Chemtrails?”

    “Effects of Orgonite in the Environment.”

    good site is soisnessdotorg. BTW – I feel great!, eat only organic, no genetic modified food. I’m brushing with MMS/lemon juice. MMS & orgone are clearing, relaxing. Hmemade Colloidal Silver!

  7. thinkforyourself4fre

    Man learn to control your volume settings, can’t hear anything then loud enough to blow your ear drums, you lost me for good over this error. Most people who have their eardrums damaged thru eardrums will not give you a second chance. learn how to control the volume or don’t post videos.

  8. FromDimmuLand

    Good Work man !! Keep it up !!
    The sheeple dont get it, Codex are coming, BAD FOOD. Look up VPTRE and SCALAR weapons and HAARP.
    The sonic Booms you see on tv that they dont know what is, it is Sonic weapons..

  9. mookixox

    Cool video uploads and great energy brother, nice to see more people sharing whatever they know and great documenting the phenomena…I’m up in Canada so it really SICKENS me to see you guys keep getting sprayed by this chemtrail shit all the time because up here it really isnt too common…keep fighting the good fight dude*

  10. WildBillVT74

    Hi, I’m in Vermont and I’ve seen the rainbow around the sun shit.Now I know why that happened.

  11. TruthFinder1GOD

    Hey bro thank’s for the great comment I’m doing good other than breathing in all of this crap lol I’m just trying to do my part in helping people wake up from all the lies! Tell me what you think about my new website thanks again.. Stay safe and God bless


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