Chemtrails are real! Comox Valley Canada April 7th 2009

Video shot on April 7th 2009 in the Comox Valley shows jets with no trails, jets with contrails and jets with chemtrails. Some time lapse shots, and close ups on the jets spraying. Audio from the Alex Jones Show on infowars dot com from April 8th 2009.

25 thoughts on “Chemtrails are real! Comox Valley Canada April 7th 2009

  1. warmm0nkey

    Finally, the TRUTH!
    We’ve all WAITED so long. We’ve all ENDURED the madness, and CONTRADICTORY official statements.
    After all these years It all makes so much SENSE!
    FINALLY Alex Jones admits he has brain damage.

  2. ohhhhhcool


    I grew up in Victoria, and I honestly remember seeing it weekly. Once they claimed it was to control the moth population.

  3. mich307

    We were through there last weekend (May 9th or 10th) and it was disgusting! See video footage I shot ; mich307!

  4. NOmeansnoFAN

    I believe here on the west coast we see the leading edge of NA’s geo engineering programme. This is global, it would have to be. I lean to the shield theory. A giant Faraday cage, powered by haarp.

  5. shamuswinston

    I’m in Miramchi, New Brunswick and I see the chemtrails all day long…this is crazy scary stuff!

  6. sackodicks

    goddam these fuckers spraying us, I hope they all feel really good about themselves. COCKSUCKERS!

  7. Nuker1337

    @Nuker1337 Just look how he loses it several times, not only is Alex Jones very intelligent, but also very entertaining!

  8. sleathx

    nvm, had it backwards. on the surface theres 20% les light because it is reflecting 20% more

  9. sleathx

    if the earth is darker wont it absorb MORE light? we want it to be 20% lighter so it reflects light

  10. odb699

    Hey lil’ bro, nice channel and videos. I subscribed. Btw its not in the jet fuel, Navy carrier crews put the fuel through giant centrifuges just before fueling up to remove all impurities. These are Tankers.

  11. webber1966

    I am in Ontario Canada and they are spraying that shit here too all the time, my friends think im crazy but ill keep trying to wake them up and see for them selves NO to the SPP NO to the NAU NO to the NWO peace out : )

  12. Ohnaone

    The total apathy by the general public in the Comox Valley is almost beyond belief. Like primitives sniffing around in their pety little worlds, “spewing venom” at those trying to bring awareness of who is really getting sprayed! Meanwhile I am watching them layering right up the east coast of the Island including the sunshine coast. Milking the sky’s on a daily basis. Must say they got it down to a fine art. It’s F**king Nuts! Psychopaths!

  13. Ohnaone

    Thank you you for producing this video showing Chemers in the CV?… with Alex Jones at his best. I like his take no prisoners attitude. The unaware, are unaware, that they are unaware, dangerous to freedom and plentiful! There is no time to be screwed around by Ignorance’s minions.

  14. Probesoul

    Today they sprayed all over Vancouver lower mainland for about 6 hrs from 9am to 4pm. In the morning the sky was blue, by 6pm there were flat hazy clouds filtering the sun. Not too good because UVB light that produces vitamin D3 gets filtered while the more harmful UVA that destroys D3 in the blood has a longer wavelength so it comes through. Nice way to weaken the immune system. These characters know what they are doing. Stay out of the sun during spraying but soak it up on clear days.


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