Chemtrails are REAL – Mainstream Radio Show Covers Geo Engineering Of Our Skies!

PYX106 in Albany, NY, a Clear Channel station, is overwhelmed with calls of chemtrails covering the skies on the morning of June 6, 2011. Demand truth! Reupload From

25 thoughts on “Chemtrails are REAL – Mainstream Radio Show Covers Geo Engineering Of Our Skies!

  1. jojo1ukuk

    chemtrails all over uk wales today again. i see so many military aircraft in the sky.
    WAKE UP WIORLD. stop watchin rubbish on TV because its just a distraction from the real world. like this for instance and HAARP.

  2. grannakatharine

    I’ve been dodumenting these ‘Chemtrails’ since 1997 here in Midcoast Maine- sometimes ‘X’s’ and sometimes ‘grid patterns (like tic-tac toe) and always before a ‘Low System’
    Enjoy Our Moments

  3. orangex2c

    Near Delaware River near Philadelphia/ Trenton, P.A. they spray very frequently in lines one after another. Also weird double rainbows and rainbow colored clouds. And days with skies that are entirely gray but the sun which is super bright that its white and blinding.

  4. WalkingThroughOut

    Here in Yellowstone county the are spraying nearly every day. We have less than 10,000 people. The spray out in the desert CONSTANTLY and then let it drifts into the small high desert towns so the sheeple don’t notice. In the last year it has gone from a rare occurance to a nearly constant event.

  5. symphony1198

    The chem-trails that they’re spray across the U.S. contains toxic chemicals such as strontium barium nitrate which can also be used as a canvas to project holographic images in a wide ranged radius. If you don’t believe me, look at this:
    w w w .d t i

  6. 1cinjim

    They also contain biologicals. Sample your rain water and watch what grows under a microscope…..This manmade, self replicating fibers are in all of us.. Check out longislandskywatchcom

  7. The420Gunslinger

    Today you are crazy if you care about issues of social relevance…and your “normal” if you’re ignorant…I wear “Crazy” as a badge of honor!

  8. mukk1234

    In north Idaho and this morning its so bad, I have never seen them hit us this hard with chem trails in this area. UNREAL

  9. mondocrat

    It was officially called Project Cloverleaf. It has multiple uses. One of the most insidious parts is the depopulation aspect. It has nanotechnology polymer coccooned submicron lifeforms that look similar to parasites. These are so small they can easily be inhaled.

  10. thormirloki

    I live here in S.Italy in a small town and see chemtrails often. Shortly after a blizzard of spraying it not only alters our weather but there is a higher percentage of people with bronchitis or other lung related infections. Coincidence??? Doubtful! I fully believe that this is a form of mass genocide. We get sick, go to the Drs, get some meds and someone makes lots of money!!

  11. GilaTomster

    I was in the Albany Region that day and yea, the sky was all chemcrap. It was forcasted to be a sunny day but it was cloudy due to the chemtrails.

  12. cloudwalker2657

    This has been going down for over 10 years. Nice to see you are waking up. Welcome to the bad dream we are all in

  13. urwhat

    I have a vid I took a few days ago. It looks like HAARP waves from different directions meeting at one point. Check it out and see what you think.


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