Chemtrails being made over Sweden – eXpendable – 2009-10-20

Chemtrail plane on the run over Sweden – watch and see

4 thoughts on “Chemtrails being made over Sweden – eXpendable – 2009-10-20

  1. dombadil

    oh… would you PLEASE make an obolix for your swedish latitudes ?

    go for projectobolix . org

    see Ea’s explanations

    we have a new tool, the obolix, the atmospherical cleaner

    the tool lifts even the smog of great citys

    have a TRY , make one and SEE by yourself


  2. charlottecreamer

    Pnuemonic plague has a kill rate of nearly 100% if untreated. Almost NO-ONE survives.

    As we’re all (currently) not dropping like flies, obviously pneumonic plague is not being released over our heads.

    Crap in the chemtrails? You betcha, but it ain’t the plague.

  3. anotherising

    Typically, pneumonic form is due to a secondary spread from advanced infection of an initial bubonic form. Primary pneumonic plague results from INHALATION OF FINE INFECTIVE DROPLETS
    allso (FROM CHEMTRAILS?)


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