I woke up this morning and had a really bad cough. I coughed up a lot of stuff that had accumulated in my throat. I soon find out why… as I went outside this morning I saw tons of chemtrails blanketing the metropolitan area! As I was filming for about five minutes I got many planes cutting across the sky today dropping chemtrails! THIS HAS TO STOP!!!! EVEN IF IT IS EXAUST FUMES LEFT FROM PLANES IT IS POISONING THE SKY AND EVENTUALLY SETTLING ON TOP OF US!!!!! IT IS IN THE AIR WE BREATH!!!! THE SAME AIR OUR CHILDREN BREATH!!!!


  1. brianbela

    @Earlclark023 dude,just be patient.Everytime you see this starting up,have her look up,and then later in the day? show her THE RESULT. Hopefully,she’ll figure it out.

  2. terrygus1

    we have Jessie v makeing films about this on true TV and shown on TV and there still doing it like we all say this has to stop now–on jan 17 2012 minnesota? skys were sunny and by 8 am they started and by noon all blue was gone only chem trails then the very next day everyone is sick and have a cough tv have all the adds on for colds flue and take you shots and add after add so its paid for by the pharma pricks and even the people working for them say—-what noway we just sell the drugs

  3. 3772242

    I’m sick of ittttttttt, there doing it here in the united states? to

    what the hell are we going to do about this crap?

  4. DumpYourTelevision







    CHEMTRAILS = Very nice holidays on sunny beaches :O)

  5. DumpYourTelevision

    Why does it trail off?
    Looking for that reason will make you realsie something that you had not taken? into consideration

  6. SierraJude

    @tgreeneA1 Wouldn’t surprise me if big? pharma was behind this (in conjunction w/the gov’t) (Insert dollar signs)

  7. MyRenaissance1

    I live in the Southeast and have been seeing alot of this activity as? well. Sometimes they cover most of the sky, literally blocking the sun. I usually see the plains early in the morning. This is for real, not normal exaust from plains. These are not natural clouds. For those who are in denial LOOK AT THE SKY. Wake up! This is happening all over the world! @MisterNinjaMittens, great video.

  8. MrNinjaMittens

    @alnetworks2010 yeah you can use some clips, as long as you give my? channel credit for the clips. I say the name of the city in the video, and the upload date is the date it was shot.

  9. alnetworks2010

    Brother: “Excellent” take!! We need to know the location and the date if possible, please.

    Would you please, allow me to insert some frames in a sort of compilation I am trying to produce?

    Anyway, thanks for your efforts!! They are? sleeping us -in the best of the cases-

    IT Is URGENT to react STRONGLY… NOW!!!

  10. einrib4truth

    Only WHEN the World can “Wake-UP!” and understand that WE have ALL been massively lied to? for centuries by one single group of individuals and as “Unbelievable” and as “outrages” this may sound.. this is exactly what has been happening! I truly believe these “Chemtrails” is these Parasites “Achilles-Heal” because the WORLD? can now see something is happening, and it MUST be Orchestrated by “SOMEONE!” Read: wake-upbeforeitstoolate(dot)co­m and as fantastic has it all may sound… it’s ALL TRUE!

  11. brianbela

    @Rhonddamutt Seeing how the typical average person is so? completely oblivious to this,and then seeing how so many people deny that anything out of the ordinary is happening even when you show them the evidence has really made me lose faith in people. So many of them are so stupid and blind,its really disheartening.

  12. rephaim23

    Hmm… looks like condensation to me. These trails do effect temperature and how much sunlight we get, and can turn into clouds and do effect weather patterns somewhat.

    Condensation is a chemical reaction, so yes even those are chemtrails in? the simplest terms.

  13. SprayOClockNews

    @brianbela did you watch the video?


    they say THEMSELVES that they believe in satan! am i supposed to contradict them just to please you?

    in that? video you will c VERIFIABLE proof they schemed to create a generation of atheists, i hope you check the vid out before replying

    What the Freemasonic Shriners really believe

    Freemason Shriner says Lucifer is god

    there R quite a few SHRINERS in the world, be good to know a bit about them! u will also c why obama wanted to build mosque!

  14. brianbela

    @SprayOClockNews Dude,There’s NO SUCH PERSON AS SATAN. OK? And even if you think I’m wrong,we’re dealing with HUMAN ACTIVITY—not a supernatural being.Keep approaching this from the religious angle,and all you’re going to do is attract ridicule on this subject from RATIONAL PEOPLE.
    So enough with the “God Vs The Devil”? thing,ok?

  15. SprayOClockNews

    @mrbrianmccarthy hey bro, i can understand your reply if i was THE ONLY 1. People from all ages and walks of life are on this. LUCIFER and SATAN have EVERYTHING to do with this whether u believe it it or NOT! “THEY” do!

    9Ye9tCGpamU [the un IS LUCIFERIAN] wake up? study up or die

    “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. It is stupidity rather than courage to refuse to recognize danger when it is close upon you.” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

  16. mrbrianmccarthy

    @SprayOClockNews Settle down amigo.First of all,if youre going to try and discuss things like this,you might want to consult “Spellcheck”—half your words are misspelled,and that doesnt help your argument. Second,leave God and Satan out of it.”They” have nothing to do with this either. Third,do you knwo ANYTHING about air currents? Dont you realize that if “the elites” were sp[aying all this toxic stuff in the air to kill usthat it would kill them too? They have? to breath as well. Wake up..

  17. LanaV6

    @MrNinjaMittens Like I told someone before. It seems the more we complain. The worse they get. Every single night now, I can’t even see the moon. Or the stars. And when I do? Omg! It is so horrible. With all the junk over it. It is very sad. I love to go out and just look at them. I? should say, use to. :o(

  18. MrNinjaMittens

    @LanaV6 Yeah it gets really bad here too… most people look up and don’t even think? about it… it needs to stop!

  19. LanaV6

    They spray every night where I live. I can’t even see the moon,? most of the time. I am getting so sick of it. I love to go out and check the stars and moon. But, I can’t even see them anymore, most of the darn time.


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