Chemtrails – Catch 22 – A Minor Point

The Chemtrail conspiracy theory holds that the trails seen behind some aircraft are not ordinary contrails, but are the result of high-altitude spraying of some kind of chemicals or biological agents for a purpose undisclosed to the general public. Versions of the conspiracy theory circulating on the Internet and on radio talk shows hold that they are toxic substances deliberately sprayed from flying aircraft into the atmosphere by government officials, and federal agencies have received thousands of complaints from people demanding an explanation. The many versions of rumors circulating allege different chemical or biological compositions and purposes behind the aerial spraying, but there is no evidence that they are anything but normal aircraft contrails consisting of water vapor and ice crystals. Officials from four agencies in the United States jointly published a fact sheet to refute the rumors and to explain the science of contrail formation. this is footage that was taken in Las Vegas Nevada on February 28th, 2008. the band is named Catch 22 and the song is called A Minor Point.

17 thoughts on “Chemtrails – Catch 22 – A Minor Point

  1. PixieRockabella

    Bill Gates and Monsanto are behind the chemtrails, just google it!!!!

    Bill? Gates ist one of the most dangerous freaks on this planet, a real terrorist!

  2. Arvak777

    @ANGLEBOOT at least the discription of the video aint that bad. what is worse than making videos is when people give 582,739,00 different descriptions and explanations about the trails, and about being united and this and that

  3. Susieshepherd

    Every website you visit, if it has an option “contact” please respond by asking that this be investigated. I’m watching them spray right now and its f-ing bullsh-

  4. humanswin

    Great posting bud,I am going to subsribe you now and just wanted to say thanks for being a real human who has a brain.


    Na your the sheep. Every time you see a chemtrail your the one running around like the sky is falling.
    You must be in that Alex Jones cult!!


    Only causeing cancer to people that make youtube videos or copy other people’s videos of chemtrails. And the Fluoridation is for all you green teeth people.

  7. GovernmentGoneWild

    Money spent on probily causeing cancers and if you look over a map of a state the place that had heavy chemtrails had a higher number of people with autism! We pay big money on Fluoridation that is a toxic mineral that causes autism and higher amonts of it are pumped into the water supply in black city areas.

  8. GovernmentGoneWild

    yup those are some chemtrails.. united we stand, devided we fall.. isnt that our countrys moto? We need to unify and make them stop with these trails..


    It’s only a chemical being releast that kills people that make videos about chemtrails. so the rest of us have nothing to worry about. It don’t effect the ones that just watch the videos.


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