Please sign the chemtrail petition at 10 Downing Street here: This is total proof the government have thought and prepared to add chemicals to aviation fuel to form a chemical layer in the sky blocking out the sunlight. This would be in the form of chemtrails. So chemtrails are real and I believe are happening now with out public consultation. This is the document from DEFRA : DEFRA have now removed this document but the House Of Commons have a similar document which is here- Please search the word contrail. They add chemicals such as sulphur to aviation fuel. Please share this video. Music by SICK SINCE


  1. weadone

    @beachcomber2008 try phoning porton down the brit chem testing facility and ask about the chemtrails.
    you will get a very nasty surprise when you hear….sorry but we don’t discuss ongoing experiments.
    does that sound like they arn’t upto anything ??

  2. OneMove33

    Thank you for this 911info you legend, what i say to people is its hard to know exactly what they’re doing now but they’ve done it before that’s documented.

  3. 91177info

    It was actually page 90 not 60.
    I quote-

    -attention include INJECTING aerosols into the stratosphere

    -Taking the specific cases of Cloud Whitening and Atmospheric Sulphur Aerosol schemes, if they have only a local impact over an area of 100km by 100km

    -artificial trees and at the high end is the RELEASE of LARGE quantities of aerosols into the atmosphere.

    -the INJECTION of sulphate aerosols into the stratosphere to mimic the cooling effect caused by large volcanic eruptions.


  4. beachcomber2008

    LOL Most atmospheric research is carried out in closed vessels in research establishments
    Some is carried out using small (8-12 seat) passenger aircraft
    They have pipes which SUCK, not nozzles that BLOW, because the aerosol burden of the atmosphere has to be constantly monitored
    Dumping SO2 by the THOUSANDS of tons is done by volcanic eruptions on a daily basis. There are 1,500 land- & 10,000 ocean floor-based ACTIVE volcanoes
    Neat little trick. GFY & study the pitfalls of thinking

  5. 91177info

    What this report-

    publications.parliament. uk/pa/cm200910/cmselect/cmsctech/221/221

    The Regulation of Geoengineering

    House of Commons March 2010

    Page 60

    I quote- “there is interest, injecting sulphate aerosols into the stratosphere, for example, there is some current work which has Government funding; there has been work on low level cloud development, which again has some Government funding”

    ???? no? ??o ??n? ?ou

  6. beachcomber2008

    @91177info You haven’t read the report, have you? You know NOTHING of which you speak
    You also don’t know the meaning of the word “aerosol”
    Aerosols are a NATURAL part of our atmosphere
    Human activities amount to 15% of the Earth’s aerosol burden
    The rest comes from volcanoes, forests, tundra, and the oceans
    Heard of the FLAME TEST? Of course you haven’t, you moron
    Metals in trace amounts COLOR FLAMES – it’s how fireworks work
    BARIUM in jet fuel would produce a GREEN FLAME
    Seen any?

  7. 91177info

    I am sorry but you are wrong the UK government have admitted that they have been funding aerosol experiments.

    They are spraying particles into the atmosphere.

    This of course does not take into account secret military experiments.

    So you are making yourself out to be a bit of an idiot beachcomber2008.

  8. beachcomber2008

    What the British gov’t did about the Cold War threat of ICBMs loaded with anthrax or nerve gas was ENTIRELY sensible
    They modeled simulant materials and saw how they dispersed across the countryside
    This enabled them to determine the limits of morbidity and mobility afterwards and enabled them to PLAN countermeasures
    The very fact that they did so made it immediately less likely that the Russians would ever deploy those weapons
    It has nothing to do with “chemtrails”, which are a MYTH

  9. 91177info

    But chemtrails are true. They might not be known as chemtrails but atmospheric experiments have been ongoing and funded by the UK government.

    This has been openly reported by the House of Commons.

  10. beachcomber2008

    @55frenchman If you believe in “chemtrails” you’re an EXPERT in LIES, for LIES are all chemtrailers can speak
    There’s a good working rule of thumb which goes: if you want to know what TRUTH is, it’s the COMPLETE REVERSE of what any chemtrailer utters at any time. This has proved devastatingly true over the dozen or so years since youpeople began crapping on the world
    Earlier on in the L’s you’ll find the word LIBRARY. Discover what it means, you ignorant (goes to F)

  11. 55frenchman

    @beachcomber2008 My girlfriend had a special mug with a picture of her face on it. I knocked it off the bench and it smashed. When she discovered the peices she blamed me. My reply was that it would be dificult for me to do. Therefore I havent done it. She believed me – some people are so gullable!! Do yourself a favour and buy yourself a dictionary, turn to the L’s and look up the word LIE.

  12. 55frenchman

    @ENJOYOURMATRIXX I believe you can get something called flight explorer, Ive seen proof tables on you tube but cant remember what the link was.

  13. BREATHLESSskies

    YES!! !! I’ve also sifted through pages and pages of DEFRA documents and found the same things. I researched the word AEROSOL, and came upon repetitions of the same sentance about adding reflective particules to atmos/troposphere!! I’ve got a great load of videos of Chemtrailing over London if you’re interested!

  14. 91177info

    They said todays weather where I live was going to be sunny all day. At the moment the sky has been totally covered up by chemtrails which have spread out. It is cold too as a result. There are more planes flying over than normal.

    Anyway of finding out what planes these are would be most helpful.

    I am sure farmers crops are affected by chemtrail clouds as it would weaken the growth of their plants.

    Also solar panel users.

    I see a possible lawsuit happening over this.


    we need someone who as a airnav system (yes its not cheap) to gather any data and flights path, transponder numbers everything from plane passing over their house that are spraying.

  16. vacinestoxic

    Chemtrails may be a two pronged weapon
    on Global population reduction.

    1. used in eco-type terrorism–weaponized
    weather modification.

    2. a soft kill weapon—sicken the population
    with the metals and toxins raining down
    AND blocking UV rays which leads to
    Vitamin D deficiency, weakening the
    immune system leading to many
    chronic and some terminal diseases.

  17. belvedere106

    and at several altitudes.

    Its not very hard to see at what hight the planes are flying within a mile difference.

    The conditions for persistant chemtrails have to meet the following conditions :

    The temp has to be AT LEAST – 40 degrees celcius or colder (not so hard)

    The relative humidity has to be 65 % or higher. (a lot harder)

    And these numbers are the minimums to be reached.

    Look for yourself and be absolutely amazed! 9 out of 10 times it is absolutely impossible to form!

  18. belvedere106

    @ beachbomber,

    U are posting on the wrong video. U should go to the debunkers and cry and stamp your feet over there.

    Chemtrails are very real, and they show up more frequent and out of nowhere.

    U cannot PROOF that there is nothing in the chemtrails. U can PROOF however whether the trails u see are natural and when chemical.

    Find the website of the universety of Wyoming and see the tables of Sounding wich show u what relative humidity and what temp there is for several locations..

  19. 91177info

    The chemtrail petition has the necessary signatures to get a response from the government. 600 so far but if anyone would like a personal email detailing what our government is doing or is aware of please see the top link.

  20. 91177info

    Yes I know I haven’t been able to give as much attention to the subject of chemtrails and find the necessary documents.

    I was distracted by the swine flu last year and the so called deadly pandemic we were supposed to be in.

    Which turned out to be a false alarm and a way for our governments to syphon off tax payers money.

    They lied it was a false alarm.

    This vid is 10 months old so maybe I should return to investigate chemtrails.

    After the petition at 10 Downing St which ends in March.

  21. 91177info

    Yes they do seed clouds. There are private companies that do as such and videos of companies cloud seeding on youtube.

    I am very happy with my video as it has added to the pool of information which thousands of researches are finding out and adding to themselves. Some information may be speculative, some may be far fetched but I believe I was the first to find these documents of the UK government actually suggesting adding chemicals to aviation fuel and making it available on youtube.

  22. beachcomber2008

    the report states that the BEST DISPERSAL HEIGHT IS 80,000 FEET

    Only U2s and X15s fly up there, and all they can carry is cameras and electronics

    That altitude is TWICE AS HIGH as the CEILINGS of modern aircraft and is IMPOSSIBLE TO REACH WITH ANY TYPE OF TANKER

    That’s why they conclude that SEEDING OCEAN CLOUDS and FEEDING IRON TO OCEAN CENTRES are the only routes immediately viable

    They haven’t done those either, unfortunately

    It makes RUBBISH out of your video post, doesn’t it?


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